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voormalige leger hummers te koop
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voormalige leger hummers te koopDe US van A heeft momenteel een stuk of 5.000 Humvees in de aanbieding. Met zo’n gemeen platte krachtpatser zijn mede weggebruikers op zijn best verkeersremmende maatregelen.

Natuurlijk zijn de ex beroepsmilitairen ontwapend en de de-militairiseerd. Zo is de bepanstering verwijderd.

Maar zelfs dan: Als u wilt bieden op een Humvee dan moet er voor de aanschaf voldaan worden aan een derdegraads verhoor om duidelijk te maken dat u niet van zins bent enge dingen met uw te verwerven bezit te gaan doen. Daarvoor moet u overigens ook uw volledige CV inclusief alle denkbare details overleggen.

Het Koninkrijk de Nederlanden was een stuk soepeler bij de verkoop van de DAFjes YA66

Het hoogste bod op een army surplus Hummer ligt overigens op 41.000 dollar

We sluiten de aankoopvoorwaarden voor de Humvees even in bij dit verhaaltje:
Surplus Terms and Conditions

These Surplus Terms and Conditions pertain to the sale of usable surplus assets for the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”) Disposition Services, other agencies of the U.S. Government and their Contractors (collectively, the “U.S. Government”) and other persons or organizations selling property consistent with our DLA Disposition Services offerings.

The Surplus Terms and Conditions were last revised on July 25, 2015.

voormalige leger hummers te koop1. END-USE CERTIFICATES (EUC) (DLA FORM-1822)

IRONPLANET WILL NOT SELL ANY DEMIL F OR Q PROPERTY WITHOUT AN APPROVED END-USE CERTIFICATE. When an END-USE-CERTIFICATE (EUC) is required to complete the transaction, no property will be released or removed until all certificates are filed and the property has been cleared for release. There will be no exceptions or exclusions to this requirement. The edition of the EUC, DLA Form-1822, provided online is the ONLY valid form accepted for this sales event. Once it is determined that you are the high bidder, after the sale close date, the following deadlines apply: You will have seven business days from the sale closing date to submit a completed EUC. If revisions to the EUC are necessary, you will have an additional five business days to make revisions and submit an EUC capable of being accepted by IronPlanet or the DLA Office of Criminal Investigations Trade Security Control (“TSC”) Office, whichever will be reviewing the EUC. Buyers who have not submitted an acceptable EUC (DLA Form-1822) within 12 business days will have their winning bids voided and liquidated damages assessed equal to the greater of 25% of the winning bid or thirty dollars ($30).

The requirement that the EUC be complete, correct and legible is your obligation. We do not control the amount of time required for approval or the final decision to allow or disallow the release of the property to the individuals completing and filing the EUC.

Prospective Buyers of property originating from the DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government are notified that property sold is subject to Demil Code changes as imposed by the DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government. If an item’s Demil status changes to “F” or “Q”, you agree to complete a DLA Form-1822 when informed of the change, and if requested by the U.S. Government. Buyers will be notified in writing, with an explanation of the sale/lot/item in question, and a copy of the End-Use Certificate will be provided for completion. This becomes a condition of sale.

Sales of DLA Disposition Services origin property for which EUCs have not been approved by TSC within 60 days of submission will be canceled by IronPlanet at our sole discretion without liquidated damages to the Buyer.


2.1. Demilitarization as a Condition of Sale (“DCS”) Property. Demilitarization as a Condition of Sale (“DCS”) property are items that must be demilitarized pursuant to applicable Department of Defense regulations before title to the residue can pass to the Buyer. We will advise you of the demilitarization procedures for DCS property offered for sale on this website. Demilitarization will be effected by melting, popping, crushing, deforming, or otherwise mutilating the property so as to completely destroy its military purposes. The use of precision torch fixtures, saws, tools of any kind to minimize mutilation or demilitarization is forbidden. Buyers of DCS property are subject to surveillance and verification by the Department of Defense. Failure to perform the required demilitarization within 30 days of property removal may result in the Buyer being referred to the Defense Logistics Agency (“DLA”) Office of Criminal Investigations (“DCIA”) or other appropriate enforcement authorities, as well as the suspension of bidding privileges with us. You represent that only U.S. persons (U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents) will perform or have access to the demilitarization procedures communicated by IronPlanet.

2.2. Demil Code Changes; Return of Restricted Property. In the event that DLA Disposition Services changes a Demil Code or determines that an item offered for sale by IronPlanet may not be sold, or must be sold with restrictions, IronPlanet may withdraw the item from sale or place additional restrictions on the sale at any time prior to the removal of the item by the Buyer. The Buyer will be limited in remedy to a refund of the purchase price and cancellation of the sale.

Items sold by us, which are subsequently changed to a Demil Code status determined to be restricted by DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government, must be returned by you to the nearest DLA Disposition Services facility or other U.S. Government facility (if not originating from DLA), and you will be reimbursed for the purchase price and any documented transportation costs incurred by you. If you have already transferred the property to another party, you agree to provide the name and contact information of that party to the Department of Defense or other federal government agency charged with the investigation of the transfer or recovery of the property. Your failure to cooperate in returning these items, providing contact information of transferees or completing and submitting End-Use Certificates upon any Demil Code change may constitute grounds for suspension of your account and prohibition from bidding in future IronPlanet or U.S. Government sales, and we reserve the right to suspend your participation without providing you any additional notice or warning.

In the event that a Buyer is requested to return property subsequently determined by the DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government to be restricted, Buyer understands that any certification to IronPlanet regarding what has been returned will be forwarded to the Government and be the basis for determining any refund due the Buyer. If you falsely claim a refund for property you have not returned to DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government, you may be liable under the False Claims Act, 18 U.S.C. §287. Included with the request to return property, you will receive contact information for Fast Track Logistics, who will be responsible for returning the property to the Government at no cost to the Buyer.

You agree to cooperate with DLA Disposition Services and the U.S. Government in the recovery of property that was sold to you, which is later determined to have been restricted, and understand that if you fail to do so you will be deemed by the DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government to be “uncooperative” and may be denied access to future sales events at the discretion of the DLA Disposition Services or the U.S. Government.

2.3. Hazardous Components or Constituents. Certain property may have components, parts, constituents or ingredients that may be corrosive, reactive, ignitable or exhibit other hazardous or toxic properties. You are cautioned to use and ultimately dispose of any hazardous components or constituents according to all applicable local, national or international laws and regulations in a manner safe for the public and the environment.

Certain pieces of property may contain residual chemicals, friable asbestos, petroleum products and ozone depleting substances or other hazards. You acknowledge and agree that we are not responsible for providing documentation or certification regarding the identification or status of these substances. Certain pieces of property have design features that may be hazardous if warning labels are not heeded.


You understand and agree that the DLA Disposition Services reserves the right to withdraw any and all property offered for sale up to the time the property is removed. If this occurs, IronPlanet’s liability is limited to return of the purchase price paid for the lot. IronPlanet has no liability for specific performance, incidental or consequential damages.

You are responsible for rigging, loading, securing and transporting purchased property, including all costs and risks associated with removal. Please note that IronPlanet does not package items prior to pickup. Buyers need to make arrangements for packing of purchased items with a packing and shipping store, or other suitable vendor.

Where IronPlanet indicates the property must be loaded by the Buyer, you must provide all material handling equipment and properly trained and certified operators to operate said equipment. Additionally, you must provide proof of adequate general liability insurance, and proof of worker’s compensation insurance. IronPlanet and the DLA Disposition Services must be listed as additional insured on the general liability insurance. Your employees or agents are responsible for compliance with all federal, state, local and host installation (the military installation where the property is located) environmental, safety and health regulations while operating equipment on the site.

In the event IronPlanet/DLA Disposition Services extends the removal period to accommodate your needs, you understand and accept that any liability and risk of loss does not rest with IronPlanet or the DLA Disposition Services, but is at your own risk.

Buyer certifies that Buyer maintains the minimum legally required workers compensation insurance on any employees performing work for Buyer at any government facility.

You are responsible for any damages to property, including spills or releases of hazardous substances, which might occur during the removal process. Failure by you or your agent to clean up any releases or to repair any damages may result in your being banned from future participation in IronPlanet sales, and you may be reported to the appropriate authorities.

Either you or your agent will be required to sign for all material in the presence of an IronPlanet representative (unless otherwise approved by an authorized IronPlanet agent) prior to removing property.


4.1. Timing of Transfer of Title. Unless property is being sold with a requirement for demilitarization or other destructive scrapping, title will transfer to you upon removal of the entire lot from the military installation. Title to property that requires demilitarization as a condition of sale (DCS) or that requires some other form of destructive scrapping will not pass to you until the demilitarization or destructive scrapping has been completed and evidence of completion has been provided to us. Under no circumstances will title to any property pass to the buyer until payment in full has been made to IronPlanet.

4.2. Transfer of Title to Vehicles. If requested, IronPlanet will supply a SF97 to customers under the following conditions: The vehicle must have been sold in a “usable” property sale. There is a processing fee of $50 or €50, depending on where the item is purchased, for EACH SF97 requested. Customers that purchase items located in the United States and that require a Florida state certificate of title or duplicate state certificate of title will be charged $50. In addition, IronPlanet will charge a document preparation fee of $100 for each Florida state certificate of title or duplicate state certificate of title.

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