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o5bferzqAre Vintage Bentleys a good future investment? That is a popular question. Recessions, depressions, wars and other world turmoil usually depress stocks and real estate, and raise the prices of collectibles. There are exceptions but when people are worried about the economy they take their money and put it where it is safe. Currently, stocks are high because countries are printing money to prop up the markets. What if the world goes into a recession or even depression? Will Vintage Bentleys surge in price? What is the current status of the auto collectible market? Quoting Rick Carey in Victory Lane magazine, March 2013, sales at the top auction houses were up 25% in 2012 over 2011. [Read more]

The April 2013 issue of the Vintage Bentleys Newsletter is set up at:


~~~ Book Reviews ~~~
This month Robert McLellan reviews James Taylor’s books on Bentley Four Cylinder Models & Six Cylinder Models. If you are a hard-core Vintage Bentley enthusiast, the first question is, “Will I learn anything new in these books or are they just a rehash of previous Bentley books?” Having read everything Bentley that I have been able to lay my hands on since my youth in the 1950s, I have good news…

~~~ The history of Supercharger MS3926 and more ~~~
We bring you an extract from the book ‘The Spirit of Competition’, By Dr. Frederick A. Simeone outlining the history of serial no. MS3926.

~~~ Retro Reading ~~~
“Bentley Front-wheel Brakes Standardized”, published in “The Motor”, September 18, 1923

~~~ Forthcoming Vintage Bentley events ~~~
RROC National Meet in San Antonio, Texas, April 8 – April 13, 2013

~~~ Vintage Bentleys for Sale ~~~
At least 16 Vintage Bentleys are on the market as you read this.

~~~ Unidentified Bentleys ~~~
Does anyone know of a vintage Bentley that bears Reg. No. WU 5452? What is the Chassis no.?

~~~ Notable reader contributions ~~~
Over 45 website updates were made this month with information and photographs from our vintage Bentley friends.

~~~ Instruction Books ~~~
3 Litre :: 6½ Litre :: 4½ Litre :: 8 Litre :: 4 Litre

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Best wishes,

Robert C. McLellan
9111 Longstaff Drive
Houston, TX 77031-2711
PH: 713-772-3285

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