Zastava Yugo

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A promising fiasco

At least, that's what it looked like on paper. Where Giorgetto Giugiaro also had put a few lines on to give this Zastava Yugo a nice taste. That always helps, despite all prejudices. Just ask Doutzen. But in this case it wasn't enough.

No Fiat. Anyway

autowp-ru_yugo_55_gls_1The design looked pretty nice. The journal was moderately to reasonably positive about it. Or noted that the newcomer had "its own face" in any case. About the same phenomenon as De Nieuwegeboren Schrik In De Wieg call a sweet baby. Whatever the case may be, the Yugo was not just a slightly modified Fiat design, as up to then Zastava's formula had always been. The basis, however, still came from the Italian car builders, because under the skin the Yugo was largely based on the popular Fiat 127. The technology of this small Fiat was taken over, but the success in no way.

Not without problems

yugo_45_gl_1That had a number of reasons. Where Fiat was already heavily associated with rust, this Yugo became more or less the identification with it. The Yugoslavian's self-resolving power was phenomenal and frightening at the same time. It was, however, possible to extend the lifespan of this budget Balkanner by about a week by immediately ordering an anti-rust treatment. Or a matte black front and rear spoiler, plastic hubcaps, go faster striping and a reflective plate between the rear lights, that was also possible. Then you had the ultra-sporting "S" version along the curb. But not for long.

The title holder

autowp-ru_yugo_65a_glx_uk-spec_1Because in addition to the rust sensitivity, this supermini also had to contend with enormous quality problems. Parts of inferior quality, poorly assembled. As a rule, that is not a guarantee of success and that has not happened. Although ... Malcolm Bricklin, the successful American businessman who imported Subaru, among other things, saw something in a dirt cheap no-nonsense city car for that huge home market and started importing this Yugo, under which brand the car became famous there. Notorious, actually. He managed to sell a small 1985 between 1992 and 150.000. And it did wear out. In addition to the poor quality and the poor handling thereof, the parts supply was poorly arranged and so the Yugo captured the dubious title "Worst Car In The World". The model was on the card anyway.

In the Netherlands too

autowp-ru_yugo_55_gls_2From 1983, Lada guru Gremi imported this value-for-money model into the Netherlands from Groningen. He was cheap anyway; not even ten thousand guilders for the slip-in. And then there was a very nice lined car in front of the door that was relatively spacious and still ran reasonably well. It was not all very luxurious, it had to come clearly from the length or the width. The front seats had to sit well by accident, the backrests were not adjustable. Or they had to break off. That was in any case not caused by a surplus of power being pushed too forcefully into that seat: the well-known Fiat one-liter four-cylinder in the front brought it to 45 horsepower in the Yugo 45. And ten more in the Yugo 55, you guessed it. Later, even stronger 1.3 liter versions were available on some foreign markets with capacities of 60 or 65 hp. If instead of the capacity the quality was considerably improved, this sympathetic Yugootje would have had a good chance of success. Šteta.

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