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Okay, it's not winter yet, but summer is past its peak. And that is the time to stop dreaming and what to do. In recent years, we have seen a trend that buyers of classics have the luxury to go for convenience. Beautiful, good classics usually find new owners quickly. Classics with work or a 'backpack' usually remain for sale for a long time. And so a whole file of classic enthusiasts has arisen who cherish the passion or nostalgia, but who lack technical knowledge and experience. And then we are not even talking about the classic buyers who think in terms of 'investment' and who only have the price development 'of their property as a guideline.

Technology is not scary

And those people often feel that they are missing something. Because somewhere dream of a greater involvement with their classics than handing over the keys to one of the increasingly rare 'universals'. Where the garage owner is not yet baffled when he sees a set of contact points. Or at the brand or type specialist who combines M / V craftsmanship (Leontien van Brummelen!) With full-time help for fellow enthusiasts with less technical baggage.

Among AMK readers, there are a lot of people who have the 20W50 flowing through their veins and who feel dirt under their nails. But a large part is not technically trained. For those people, the readers' achievements of AMK are a particularly accessible stepping stone to get in touch with fellow enthusiasts who do not even get nervous if their classics get seriously broken down somewhere in the Flevopolder or the Vosges. Because in the classic world it is just like in politics: You are just as strong as your network is.

Just read it quietly

There are thrift shops and church fairs to prepare you for that pleasantly relaxed world. You will not find any money for that from the time when that basic curiosity among motorists entailed more than the extent to which their car is the ideal platform for their smartphone. In the XNUMXs and XNUMXs many such books were published in which - often with clear line drawings - the operation of the engine, cooling, ignition, brakes and suspension plus maintenance and repairs were explained to interested laymen. And so you can take the first steps in your technical development. Just on the couch. With a cup of coffee or a drink. You will see the technique of our classics - at least if you are not a Ferrari or Citroën hydraulique as the entry-level car - is quite understandable.

Watch on Youtube

For enthusiasts who have already developed so far when they see a book that they want to scroll the pages, the internet is a nice alternative. On Youtube you will find videos explaining everything from changing a wheel to the total restoration of every classic you can think of.

An added value

Once you have read in, you can then take a careful acquaintance with the technical aspects of your classic car. And then you will see that some knowledge and careful maintenance and key experience can be a very serious addition to your classic hobby. That there are tricks that make your life easier. That makes you happy and proud. And isn't that beautiful?

And the readers' meetings of AMK readers? They are listed in AMK.

It's not rocket science ...

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  1. My uncle always said, "you can look up everything in books" to immediately add, "every car or motorcycle you buy comes with a book". The latter was prompted by experience gained by first haphazardly tinkering with an engine block with all the adverse consequences. His conclusion was. “The book costs less than a fraction of what you can destroy an engine block by tinkering with it not hindered by any knowledge”.

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