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registration certificate, cardFrom next year, you will no longer receive a paper registration certificate when purchasing a new or used motorcycle, car or other motor vehicle. Instead, you will receive a hard plastic copy in a handy credit card size. What does that look like exactly and what changes for you as a consumer?

First of all, you will no longer receive your registration certificate from the selling party, but you will find it in the letterbox on the next delivery day after registration. In the meantime, you do not need to be able to show the card to the police, because they can check the current data online in the vehicle registration register of the RDW.

No proof of transfer

Furthermore, the bank transfer receipt is a thing of the past, because it will be abolished. Instead, there will be a 9-digit code. The first part of the code (4 digits) is provided with the registration, the second part (5 digits) is included with the registration certificate that will be sent to you. The code is required for overwriting, but also for suspension or export, for example.

Does the license plate per 2014 disappear immediately? No, because used vehicles only get a number plate when they change ownership. That means that, as expected by the RDW, you can also come across paper number plates for another five years. How the last paper registration certificates leave the rotation will be determined later. Owners of vintage cars may keep their paper or linen documents. In addition, they receive a license plate card plus the registration code, which they need for formal actions.

Why does the paper registration certificate disappear?

The disappearance of the independent post offices marked the beginning of the end of the paper registration certificate. The post office was a commonly used location to name or transfer a license plate. When these locations disappeared, it was a sign for the government to further digitize government services and make them more user-friendly. Moreover, they wanted to combat vehicle crime and to better protect the registration certificate. A license plate that is created and issued centrally was the first choice. Moreover, the proof will soon fit in your wallet!

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