Water Transfer Printing

Wood? Veneer? Water Transfer Printing!
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water transfer print2Want to participate in current developments? Why not? If we do that with respect for history.

A method that was already known in the automotive industry for a while now is also starting to come 'among people'. Initially the system was picked up by the boundless USA customisers and other vehicle pimpers.

The system was first used to provide just about everything with a carbon look. The next step was that of the utmost creativity that provided cars and motorbikes with tropical rain forests, waving flags with underwater views and even more beautiful things.

But for us classic enthusiasts it is useful to know what Water transfer Printing started with.

And what exactly is Water Transfer Printing?

water transfer printing 3The desired print is printed on a special foil. That foil is lovingly flattered in a large basin. Then an activator is added that dissolves the foil and makes the ink liquid again. The ink will float on the water in its original pattern. Subsequently, the part to be coated is very subtly dipped in the bath and removed again. The image then sets itself tightly on the background, which is smoothed from the furrows and set in (a supporting) color.

After cleaning the film residues and other floating dissatisfaction and drying, the result is given a scratch-resistant 2K transparent lacquer layer.


And what the automobile industry actually thought up this system for? That was to be able to add wood motifs in coachworks without the need for all the traditional hassle with wood.

Try Google on Water Transfer Printing or hydrographic printing.

And to explain it to your partner: It works just like Turkish marble. And there are also courses for that at your local People's University.

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