After the water nuisance of yesterday ...

the purchase of an amphibious classic is of course an option.

Vehicles that drove less well than a normal car and performed less well than a normal boat had been around for a long time. And usually they needed and need a lot of maintenance and care.


But usually they were not 'the best of both worlds'. In our collective memory, the American DUKWs, who became famous as "Ducks," are ducks. The original name was simply an army abbreviation:


  • De D means that the vehicle is designed in 1942
  • de U for amphibious auxiliary vehicle
  • de K that all wheels are driven and
  • de W for two driven rear axles

Those DUKW were actually just adapted standard GMC trucks that were approximately watertight.

 "Schwimmwagen" were German and much smaller. But in the classic market, their weight is greater than that of the DUKWs. The prices for this type of vehicle / vessels have since become very stiff.

But there are also DUKW who, despite their retirement age, are still just brave at work.

Something of 'old soldiers never die, they just fade away'.

The Alvis Stalwarts were also army vehicles. There are the nicest videos about it on YouTube. These giants are still affordable. We happen to know about nine more. Simply here in NL Candidates may apply.

In the civilian field, it is the Amphicars (with their German military roots) that are best remembered as rich toys from the past. While at least 1 copy was seriously sold to a Dutch police force. The largest Amphicar specialist in the world is also in the Netherlands, in Terborg.

And that specimen now lurks in a dusty French museum in a region where it hasn't rained for ages.
By the way, it is intended that those Amphicars, originally sold in NL, will come back to the Netherlands someday ...

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