VW Golf GTI (1983). The sacred cow of Eelko

VW Golf GTI (1983)
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The Golf was a trendsetter immediately upon its introduction in 1974. An economical compact car for the new era. With the well-thought-out design of the Golf, the Volkswagen answered the current requirements that were placed on the middle class car at the time. From a very young age, Eelko had a keen interest in Volkswagen and saved Dutch guilders to realize his wish in the distant future. And it became - many years later - no ordinary Golf, but the sporty variant, the VW Golf GTI, which he purchased in 1990 at a garage in the Frisian Noord Burgum. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Now 30 years later the car is still in its possession and the enthusiasm for its 1983 classic has only increased.   


But let us describe his holy cow by himself: “You can clearly see that my VW Golf GTI is being pampered. He sleeps in his own pajamas in a heated shed. Nothing has been done to the car in those 30 years. The VW Golf GTI still has the original paint and comes through the MOT every time without any problems. My version is the European version. In Germany it was called the Pirelli GTI. And beyond the borders in Europe the GTI special. 

It has tinted windows, widening sets and an 1800 cc, 112 hp engine. (From 1974 it was a 1600 cc engine with 110 hp.) My personal adjustments are small. I have mounted other rims (the old samples are in storage) and white gauges to embellish the dashboard. ” 

Birth certificate

The car has a certificate from Volkswagen (his birth certificate) with all data and the 'matching numbers' are proof of a fully original VW Golf GTI. In addition, he also has the original service booklet containing the 'car data' and the stamp of the garage company Auto de Vries BV. To give the burglars guild less chance, we do not mention any family name or places. That the VW Golf GTI is called a holy cow comes from his wife, who has a good sense of what this hobby means to him. And to make the family feeling even stronger, son Bjorn now also has the first car as a VW Golf GTI. Although in a somewhat younger version of the 2010 construction year. It really is a case of 'like father ... like son'. 

The above-average interest in the VW Golf GTI is proof that you are sporty and distinctive. Eelko has adapted the old slogan "Glad to drive" to "Glad to drive classic". Thumbs up on the road are proof that his Golf GTI has a dazzling beauty.

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  1. Nice article, but place the Golf as a trendsetter?
    The German car brands bumped after the French trendsetters, in this case the Golf had the Simca 1100 as a great example.
    The Simca came on the market in 1967 and already had front-wheel drive, folding rear seat, transverse engine, third or fifth door… and with a faster 1970 Special in 1.3 and the introduction of the TI with two double webers in 1973, the first hot hatch!
    The Golf came in 1974, just in time to save Volkswagen from destruction, because of the production of the outdated Beetle.

    • This is a wave 1 gti message and not a Simca.
      Every car model deserves its 'statement'
      The Simca no longer exists, the Golf is still there !!!

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