The VW Beetle of the wife of Seys Inquart

Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergen

Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX SchaarsbergenThe VW Beetle of the wife of Seyss Inquart. That seems like a big find. It even seems too good to be true. It was therefore only very limited true.

The VW Beetle, or better, a spectacled beetle, that from Zeeland to Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergen (say: Arnhem) and which is in the Museum 1940-1945, it has had an exciting history.

AMK visited museum director Eef Peeters and found out how the whole story really works Kemperbergerweg 780, 6816 RX Schaarsbergenstuck together.

And that museum where the 1948 VW Beetle now stands where Gertrud Seyss Inquart was driving around between 1940-1945 is definitely worth a visit.

In terms of design and appearance, 100% resembles the national war museums in France, Belgium and England. but is just a bit bigger

That KDF / Spectacle Beetle / real or counterfeit story will soon be in AMK.

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