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The annual Volvo Drive Drive in Best was bigger than ever. According to the organization, no less than 1.500 cars came to the event yesterday.

Admittedly, being bigger than ever was not so difficult in this case, because the event was only organized for the second time. At a known location, because also the annual PURE Porsche Treffen takes place annually at AcquaBest. However, there were considerably more Volvo cars at the Volvo event than last year. According to the organization, no less than 1.500 Volvo cars showed up at Best.

First of all, they were readers of the magazine VolvoDrive Magazine who came to show off their Volvo around the recreational lake in Best. However, it did not stop there, because various Volvo clubs were also present on Whit Monday. Moreover it was large present. In addition, participants from abroad had come to Best, including from Poland, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany and Belgium. The Dutch importer of the brand showed the latest models.

As a result, a good part of the models from present and past were represented, from the Katterug, the Amazon and the P1800 to the brand new V90. However, the event was not limited to coming free, because more was happening. Children could enjoy themselves on an 480 that could be painted, while their parents could find books, brochures, scale models and parts at the countless stalls.

The highlights of the day, however, were the collection of special Volvo cars that could be seen in the center area and the beauty contest. Because the term concours d'élégance might be a bit exaggerated, the organization had coined this name. A jury consisting of Volvo connoisseurs Carlo Schmidt, Huib de Vries and Eline de Vries judged the participating cars. In the best Volvo style, the winner was not a show pony that is hardly used, but a station wagon that already had 250.000 kilometers behind it; spotless, perfectly maintained, but used for the purpose for which it was made. Extra nice was the owner of this Ocean raceedition itself turned out to be a fanatic sailor.

Fair is fair: most of the time we are more interested in events that are driven than when cars are parked on a lawn. But we had a great time in the relaxed atmosphere of the Volvo Drive Drive. It is therefore good news that the organization has already announced that the event will take place again next year.

Photos: Luuk van Kaathoven

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