Volvo P 1800 (1964). Pieter Postma's car

Volvo P 1800 (1964)
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Beautiful women, ugly crooks, fast cars and dangerous adventures. The elderly, feeling young, still know Simon Templar (aka The Saint) (Roger Moore) as a charming adventurer and charmer, who drove a Volvo 1800S. This popular TV series certainly contributed to the success of that model. This Swedish sports car, a Volvo P 1800, also received star status. 

By: Dirk de Jong 

Pieter Postma's Volvo P 1800 also has a life full of adventure behind it. It all started in 1964, when the car was bought in England by the first owner. The car is therefore right-hand drive. Only in 1989 he came to the Netherlands and became the property of a psychotherapist Simon Slooten in North East Friesland. The car was technically maintained by Pieter Postma's garage. After a number of years, the psychotherapist went to France, where the Volvo was taken but no longer used. 

Return from France to Friesland 

The psychotherapist could solve the problems of his clients, but not the problems of the Volvo. Hence the return trip to the garage in Friesland. There the problems would be solved and the car prepared for a new MOT. Due to the hustle and bustle of his practice, a message was not received, whereby the Volvo P 1800 was put in a shed while awaiting the return trip. Faithfully suspended every year, until finally a phone call came from France, that due to years of key work and the warm mutual friendship the car was awarded to Pieter Postma. 

Second life 2015

The handy tinker now began to make the car drivable again. New tires, new upholstery, overhaul of the engine and a fresh MOT. The wonderful driver's car now drives its rounds in the region on summer days. Actually fantastic that there are people who in this way give someone else the happiness and success, purely through the friendly contacts and all the work that had already been done on the car. That alone already inspired Pieter Postma to give the car that second life.

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