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Since the industrial revolution in the 19e century, the originally agricultural village of Dieren was increasingly characterized by the flourishing trade and industry. Around 1880 a large shed was built for a sawmill at Noorderstraat 14 in Dieren, commissioned by Mr. Posthuma. Characteristic were the three parallel to each other, covered with tiles gable roofs on the shed. Posthuma established his timber yard Groenewoud in this shed and a steam sawmill in the adjacent shed at number 16.
Even after the sawmill moved to another location in Dieren, the warehouse on Noorderstraat retained its business function. In 1916 it housed a lemonade and wine trade and from 1957 the laundry De Horst was located at Noorderstraat 14. When the laundry also moved, the buildings at Noorderstraat 14 and 16 fell further and further into disrepair.

Villa Fourteen B&BIn 2007 bought the family Heersink the buildings and started its restoration. They were restored with the aim of returning the former glory of this beautiful place on the IJssel. With the renovation, the business premises at Noorderstraat 14 were completely furnished to receive guests and thus acquired a whole new function. The characteristic hood of the original shed with the three top facades has been preserved and with it the characteristic image from the banks of the IJssel. The original wooden support structure of the shed was still completely intact and was therefore left intact during the restoration. This construction has remained beautifully visible on the inside and is now part of the interior of the building. The building was given the name Villa Fourteen. At one of the most beautiful places in Dieren, guests can now come together and enjoy a special, grand and glorious building with a beautiful view over the river.

Classic enthusiasts are of course also welcome. There is parking space for club meetings. On the IJssel.

And there is also B&B accommodation ...

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