The very last Austin Ambassador

Austin Ambassador

The message that the very last Austin Ambassador had rolled off the band in 1985 must have been received with joy, especially by former owners, something to celebrate. That very last Ambassador - bearing the British registration number A500 KWK - was retracted by the management of British Leyland, the manufacturer of this fine goods, the then British Motor Industry Heritage Museum in Gaydon.

Until 2003, because then the red (Oporto Red) 2.0 was hammered by auction house Coys of Kensington and raised £ 2.185, including commission and VAT on that commission. The new owner drove it for a few days and parked it 'milestone'then on his garden path. Probably because it didn't work anymore? After a few years, he put the car under the roof anyway ... A while back the Wedge Club got it, because it provides such classics, got wind of it and managed to purchase the car. Work has already begun on the repair / restoration. In 1995 a car journalist managed to trace the very first Morris 1800 HL - because they were also available at that time - to a scrap yard, the club pointed out and purchased it. After a restoration, the car was recently sold to an enthusiast who exhibited it in his museum on the Isle of Man. If you happen to be there, go to the Manx Motor Museum. Unfortunately, the club heard just too late about the very last Ambassador, because they would never have sold the first. The plan is now to transfer the new acquisition after restoration to Man to take a photo of it together with the very first Ambassador. One thing is certain, at least the club doesn't care about enthusiasm!

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