Holiday time, engine time

Holiday time, engine time. Nowadays it is not uncommon to start a motorbike holiday with putting the motorbike on the trailer.

That is not such a wrong idea. Because first to turn the full 1000 km Autobahn kilomters to the Alps with a classic? That is soooo 1960.

But it is funny to think that Bram Schnabel, with his Madeleine and their daughter, went between two adults on a Sparta 250 cc to the South of France. To Madeleine's parents.

Rob Bakker and his Lief went to Spain on a Vespaatje. He only found out during a police check by an awake gendarme that his colleagues - oh, Amsterdam humor - had an 'L'for the initial letters of his license plate. His license plate started with 'UL'.

But the couple bought posters of bullfighting and came back unscathed.

Andre made long journeys on his Ducati. He stayed away for quite a long time and was almost completely self-sufficient. But whether the police would let him drive like this today?

In the past, certainly not everything was better. But there was a kind of relaxed open-mindedness. They traveled without a mobile phone and on the receipt. This led to unexpected developments and meetings.

In AMK you can read about the motorcycles from that time. We have never received many stories about dreams and travels.

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  1. Yesterday I spoke to the owner of MG TDC. He had meanwhile seriously noticed that his MG was not really highway compatible and took him on vacation behind the Range Rover.
    And for the rest of the vacation, the Range Rover would just rest while the TDC did its rounds. Pretty smart

  2. Taking your motorcycle on a trailer to the south and driving there, a smart idea.
    Can also be done with a classic car, we have been doing that for years with our Renault Juvaquatre from 1950, in 1 day to the French interior and enjoy a nice tour, relax and enjoy.

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