Under the hood: The Maserati GT 3500 (1957 -1964. 1402 ex.)

Maserati GT 3500

Maserati GT 3500s simply cannot be very rare. At Kout Automobiles we met no fewer than three. Two customer cars and an occassion. And Kout is not a big company. But a specialist company. That may have something to do with it.

A party under the hood

And under the hood of the Maserati it is a party. A brutal piece of technological vintage appearance with fantastically beautiful Italian styling and design. With engine compartment there is rightly an 'engine bay' here. A few ultimate Italian endearing pieces of wiring at the ignition coils are proof that everything is relative. People who are bothered by that should buy something German or Swedish.

A family portion of spaghetti runs from the distributor cap to the two spark plugs per cylinder. Every electron that goes from there to the spark plugs has to make its journey cheering. Delicious. The black heat shrink is of course not only thermally responsible, but also contributes to the impressively threatening appearance of that technical piece of sculpture under the hood.

With three double Webers

And the three double Webers that sit tight between the head and the large air filter score countless more emo points that a fuel injection can do. The later Lucas injection was notoriously unreliable. Early Maserati GT 3500s had a seven-bearing crankshaft, later a five-bearing crankshaft. Seeing all this technology, the average Volvo 240 driver will wonder how service- and repair-friendly such an Italian thoroughbred is, as the block is derived from the six-cylinder with which Maserati made a furore on the circuits, including the cylinder head with its double spark plugs. and hemispherical combustion spaces.

Full-time people are right

The Volvorijders reservations are justified. And for someone who wonders what maintenance or overhaul of such a machine costs, there is only one answer: “If you wonder, you can't afford it. This type of car is made for the happy few whose passion is just as unlimited as their bank account. But should you ever be lucky: the sound and character of this six-cylinder engine are just as beautiful and impressive as the appearance of the entire car.

The description

The reliability: Good
The key friendliness: Great for pros
The maintenance / repair costs: High
The component provision: Moderate
The part prices: High

The current price indication of a nice good Maserati GT 3500: € 150.000 and more

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Thanks to: Kout Automobiles,

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The Maserati GT 3500

Engine Six in line
Drilling and stroke 86 mm X 100 mm
Cylinder capacity 3485 cc
Compression ratio 8.2:1
Max power 220 pk @ 5500 rpm
Maximum power from 1961 235 pk @ 5500 rpm
Distribution Two overhead camshafts, two valves / cyl.


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  1. Maserati made real car emotion. The Merak SS is also such an exciting technique packaged in Italian forms. No worries about a power cord. With the Bi-Turbo the doubt started and now it is apparently no longer possible to keep the head above ground level.

  2. Nice article and idd a mighty beautiful block! But a few pictures of the car itself and the interior would be nice.

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