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In 1987 started Citroën make plans about the successor to the then successful one Citroën BX. Because Citroën In order to fight the competition broadly, two models eventually succeeded the BX: a model in the compact middle class: the ZX, and a model in the larger middle class: the Xantia.

Xantia means 'light'

Based on Bertone's sketches, the design was realized by chief exterior designer Dan Abramson. The project name of the plan was internal company X1. And the public name had been thought about in a way that would have appealed to Thiery Baudet. The name Xantia comes from the Greek Xanthos, which means 'light'. The first official photos were published in November 1992. At the beginning of 1993, the global car press was allowed on the road with the Xantias.

The Xantia came to the Netherlands in the early spring of 1993 as 5 door berlin (hatchback). Under the hood were as desired 1.8i, the 2.0i, 2.0 16v 155 hp engines. In the summer of that year, the 1.9 Diesel and the 1.9 Turbo diesel plus the 1.6i followed as an entry-level model.

The Xantia was available in three different versions

The X with fabric upholstery in the first year, the SX with velor upholstery, electric windows in the front, wipe-wash installation on the rear window and the sporty and luxurious VSX with sports seats, electric rear windows, electrically operated mirrors, ABS and much more beautiful and fun.

Never sag again

At the end of 1993 - when the BX was still proud in 'All Cars 1993' - modified Citroën the hydropneumatic system, so that the so-called 'collapse' that the 'hydrauliques' of Citroën since the introduction of the DS, it became a thing of the past.

In the summer of 1994, the Xantia received a slight 'make over'

For example, the double chevrons moved from the bonnet to the grille and power steering became standard on all Xantias. That is not the end of the Xantia history. But we still want to keep it a bit classic with these cars that are still regularly found in daily traffic.

In the meantime, the first Xantias are holder-free

And whether they are classics? In any case, they are currently nice, somewhat dated, comfortable and currently very cheap cars. And they are quite special cars. Of course also because it Citroëns, but still ... Xantia's have the famous hydropneumatic suspension system from Citroën. A system that, when maintained normally, is extremely reliable and comfortable.

The level control ensures that the ride height will remain the same regardless of the load. The driver can adjust different heights. In addition, the Xantia also has steered rear wheels. With an 1800 cc engine, such a Xantia is a smooth car. But neither the 1,8 or the 1.6 liter came and comes close to the 1 on 15 of the BX with the 1400 block. Compared to that BX, the Xantia is a clearly 'larger' car. A really comfortable, reliable neo classic travel mobile from France.

The prices are low

In the market, Xantia's scrape over the threshold when it comes to prices. Of the Xantia that brought us to the idea of ​​this contemplation, we do not even have an idea about the year of construction. The Xantia is in any case a young timer. It is a great and beautiful item where everything has been renewed. And he is at one in Ulft Citroënspecialist for sale for € 999, - plus a few filled pastries from a bakery.

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Xantia protoptype
The X1 prototype
Studies in styling



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  1. Nice and sympathetic model. Here in the village one was for sale, a few years ago. 750 euros and something was already done about it. The clearcoat is often bad, but that is also becoming a problem with my Audi 80.

  2. 25 years old already…. memories of a test drive with a then (1993) brand new 1.8 SX at the Citrodealer in Schiedam. At the time I was driving a Wave from 1990 and oh my, all the actions on that device were very wooden compared to the Franzoos. Later on several times in faster versions and that was blown enjoyment (and also blown enjoyment in a HDI). If I were to go to the Dutch, I would buy one. And two more, one for my spouse and one as a cannibal.

  3. I have been able to call myself the owner of a Xant 'X' from the first series with a 1.8 eight-valve, and now a 'Millesime' from the last year with a 1.8 16V.
    Two Xantias, two different characters.
    The first had to get into its legs after a night's sleep, but had a wonderful suspension comfort and a torque-rich block, my current is already ready to start in the morning, but the suspension is stiffer.
    Moreover, the engine is only more willing when the revs hover around 2-2,5K; I miss the 'pulling-from-the-bottom' which the eight-valve did significantly better ..
    It will undoubtedly be due to my driving style, but with the current 63K mileage I now come to an average of 1: 12,7 from ... no value that scares me.
    There is of course an 300 kg difference between a Xant and its predecessor, that difference is not between the ZX and a BX and there you see the same consumption with the same TU-t ..
    Although my Millesime is not yet a young timer, it will hopefully come naturally

    • Dear Pascal, We love and cherish our old vehicles. And if they become years of gathering yountimer classic or whatever, then we are doing nice and sustainable too!

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