The NSU 1200. Excellent family car from Neckarsulm

In 1965, NSU is launching a car that has been developed directly from the Prinz 1000. He saw the light of day a year earlier and was a success for {Neckarsulm} from the start. The Typ 110 is the bigger brother and NSU's entrance in the (smaller) middle class. The Typ 110 gets a longer wheelbase. He also gets a different - longer - front with rectangular headlights, a "can-chrome" plate between those lamps and bumpers with bumpers.

The Typ 110 will be called “1967” in September 1200. From a cosmetic and constructive point of view, virtually nothing changes to the Family NSU. The wheels are again independently suspended, the brake circuits are not separated and the body is self-supporting again. The most important change takes place on the motor level. The basic engine in the new 1200 is the power source from the faster “S” versions of the Typ 110. This 1177 cc engine also has a chain-driven overhead camshaft and an aluminum cylinder head. It is slightly tempered, but still generates a power of 1200 DIN-PK in the 55. That is 5 HP less than in the “S” types of its predecessor, but it hardly comes at the expense of dynamics.

"Comfort" temporarily the only variant

The NSU middle class is initially available in the equipment variants 1200 and 1200 C, where the C stands for Comfort. In that more luxurious configuration, the 1200 has furniture with sleeping chairs. Furthermore, the furniture in the car is covered with a beautiful combination of fabric and artificial leather. The "C" also has padded armrests and an electric clock. Two-position windshield wipers and rubber bumpers on the bumpers are also standard. In 1969 the standard version of the program disappears. The "C" is temporarily the only representative in the 1200 range.

Quality, subtle details and dynamics

A year later, the range is expanded with the 1200 C Automatik. Here the automatic transmission of the Ro80 finds its way to this delivery variant. What all built 1200 models (just like predecessor Type 110) get from the outset are a high-quality finish and beautiful details. Think of separate temperature control and parking lights. The front ventilation windows, which can be opened with a rotary knob, also catch the eye. And there is something that makes the driver of the NSU 1200 and the sporting versions of predecessor Type 110 good. The temperament that the alloy engine with overhead camshaft brings to the fore. In combination with a refined steering and dynamic driving behavior, it ensures a lot of driving pleasure.

Treetje higher up the ladder

Although the NSU 1200 also has disadvantages (crosswind sensitive), the combination of all properties is an excellent result. This ensures that this NSU 1200 at the time of its production is always one step higher on the ladder than its price and / or classmates. In fact, this also applies to predecessor Type 110. When the production of the 1200 ends in 1973, it appears that the buyers have put 227.938 a signature on the order form for a copy from the Typ110 / 1200 generation. They were motorists who wanted to distinguish themselves. They value quality as well as non-conformism.

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