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black_royRecently the third of the once-made Harley on which Fonda rode was auctioned in Easy Rider for more than a million dollars.

If an engine of which only one was ever made, two others have already been sold, it is clear that the lawyers have a nice job again. Something like in the once famous "Who of the Three?"

The Honda Monkey that stands at Potomac Motors has at least a fair story. He belonged to German charm singer Roy Black. And who was Roy Black?…

Honda's Monkeys also have a whole history. A history that is much clearer than that of Fonda's Harley. And Monkeys are more affordable.

In terms of originality, however, many Monkeys are in the same twilight zone as Fonda's Bigtwin. Because among Monkey owners it is more than common practice to grow their toys. In Amsterdam, for example, a Honda Monkey is riding with 21 measured horses at the rear wheel

honda-monkey-bj-1971Want to know more about Monkeys? The entire Honda Monkey story is in the running issue of AutoMotorKlassiek.

Includes a photo of the Monkey from Roy Black (pills & drink)

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