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Citroën BX
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And that is very annoying for people who have the Citroën Like BX so much that they have specialized in it. Garage Berben from Ulft and garage Hesselink from Dirksland are some of those strongholds of pure Citroën BX love.

But where sales are going well in the higher and top segment of the classic country, there are Citroën BX specialists are used to seeing their trading stock as their museum collection.

All horror stories

The story has become clear from our own field research. The BX was once the most leased car in the Netherlands. And the regular sales also went very well. But this Citroëns were, just like the other 'hydrauliques', considerably more sensitive to neglect than, for example, an Opel Kadett. The last buyer of such Citroën BX bought a car for almost no money that needed a lot of money very quickly. As a result, the values ​​of the BXsen fell so that they were seen as the ultimate no-budget car.

If there was something wrong with it? Then you bought another, okay, copy for a grab. That was cheaper than repairing. And with all those horror stories, uncles and cousins ​​battled against each other in the football canteen (Danny Blind has also promoted the Citroën BX!) And on birthdays. The Citroën BX was presented in 1982, and more than one million had already been sold in 1988. He wasn't that bad.

The fifth BX

One of our free lance employees recently had her fifth Citroën BX purchased. Number four was one from the last year of construction, the time that the molds and assembly were no longer given the utmost attention Citroën. (and with other manufacturers. Because "run-out model = discounted"). That car was technically still fine. Because he had always had his maintenance and repairs. Including the replacement of the coupling, water pump and the famous 'octopus', the manifold and collector for the hydraulic suspension. Of course the 1400 cc four-cylinder was on fresh Michelins. Because one Citroën BX is very sensitive to good footwear. But the sills and the inner screens were quite resolutely saying goodbye to the rest of the universe.

A sort of clearance

Then there was a message from Dirksland that there was a very fresh, rock-hard BX 1400 with just under two tons on the clock. Stood in the way. By the way, there were still a few BXs in the way ... Sylvia's fifth Citroën BX has since been adopted and appears to be just as good as it was said. "But he feels different from the gray one," the new owner remarked.

Of course, such an 1400 cc BX is an ideal car for the course coordinator of the Zutphen branch of the Alliance Française https: // .When she arrived at Gallery Aaldering with her new acquisition, where classics of more than two tons regularly appear on the price tag instead of on the counter, Nico Aaldering came out enthusiastically. “A BXje! And how beautiful it is! ”Experts recognize quality at a glance.

From humble to pissed

Such a humble 1400 is naturally endearing. But Citroën also had the sixteen-valve BX GTI in the program. That was and is a real Golf GTI killer. The BX with its 1905 cc engine was a luxurious, technically advanced sportsman while retaining comfort. The engine delivered 90 hp at a curb weight of 1009 kg. The GTI was almost a second with 200 km / h.

Still for sale and cheap

There are still good BXs to be found, should you have one second-hand Citroën buy. And a good, beautiful 1400? You already have that between € 1.500-2.000, .- A GTI with a tail APK is available from around € 1.500. You can find a nice and good specimen between € 3.000-3.500. And for that money you have a real 'hydraulique' where it is useful if a piece of maintenance history is known.

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The new kid in the block
Now on the parking. On the top floor in ten years!

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  1. Well… the BX.
    As a true Citrofile it is painful to see that Bixjes were mainly seen as a disposable car.
    It is generally known that, in terms of quality, it is better to go there for a pre-90s.

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