The immortal Honda Super Cub

Honda Super Cub

Takeo Fujisawa was the financial genius of Honda and he the driving force behind the Honda Super Cub. In a (western) post-WWII world where ordinary citizens thought carefully about the purchase of their first car, he saw a different future.

A man with a plan

And Soichiro Honda strongly agreed with him. Fusjisawa had a fairly clear picture in mind: a light motorcycle with as many parts as possible hidden behind a roof, an engine that could be used for commuting, but also for deliveries in developed and developing countries. He found scooters not good alternatives. "Too small wheels for bad roads and maintenance-unfriendly".

With the permission of the wives

He told Soichiro Honda: "It must be a motorcycle that wives would say," Buy it. " This motorcycle had to be produced in huge numbers, because Fujisawasa thought it would sell 30.000 every month. As the Super Cub approached its completion, he assembled a "think tank" of young people around him. These included musicians, stock market traders and advertising designers such as Tsugio Ogata. In the evening he went to the country wise with that team of people drinking and consulting.

Kanpai! (Cheers!)

Bearing in mind how much people drank and how badly Asians can handle alcohol, the final creation of the Super Cub is actually a miracle. Even before the Honda Super Cubs actually reached the dealers, they were already a success. People even came to the factory gates to buy a Super Cub.

The first Honda Super Cub left the factory in 1958

It was designed by Soichiro Honda himself with a crystal clear goal in mind; "Being an important part of life in a pleasant way". Soichiro Honda's idea was that the Super Cub should be able to be maintained and repaired by anyone around the world. After that, production and sales went worldwide. Where the Chinese (z) under license also put a few away. The 2017 Super Cub was sold in 100.000.000. The Hondaatjes went to happy and satisfied customers in 160 + countries. Today, the production of the C110 Super Cub is still running in a number of South Asian countries.

They are still being made

In Asia and many African countries, these super reliable and incredibly economical motorcycles are the transport on which entire economies run. A Honda Super Cub is suitable transportation for two adults, a child and a slaughtered pig.

The success continues

Honda will not let it go. Because now, sixty years after the first Cub, there is the Super Cub C125, which comes with its neo retro looks and also to Europe. The youngest member of the family now has ABS, flashing lights LED lighting, a keyless starting system and of course a digital dashboard. And all that modern hassle has not significantly affected the authentic look of the small brave two-wheeler.

Now let's see how Europe responds to this tribute. The small Honda costs just four mille costs and uses less than 1 on 66.

The engine
The bore x stroke is set to 52,4 x 57,9, with a compression ratio of 9,3: 1. The new Super Cub has a top power of 9,6pk (7,1kW) at 7.500 rpm and a maximum torque of 10,4Nm at 5.000 rpm. The 4 gearbox is, according to the Super Cub tradition, driven by an automatic centrifugal clutch. So no clutch lever is needed. The consumption of the Super Cub C125 is specified on 1 on 66,7 km in WMTC mode.

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The Super Cub for 2019



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