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Is it coming or isn't it coming?
Is it coming or isn't it coming?
700 Million misses the treasury of BPM and related taxes due to exemptions on environmentally friendly small cars. The State Secretary is going to stop this.

How and when is still unclear, but it is almost certain that the scheme will be changed. Interest groups Bovag and ANWB call hosanna and the owner of such a car is left with the damage. However, a person is an resourceful animal and will look for alternatives to the tax-free Bluemotion nets.

You guessed it: the only remaining option to drive a car without taxes is the classic or young timer. Scrapping this scheme means an increase in short-term sales and a far-reaching cloudiness in the quality of the offer. Folk tribes will massively violate what we call cultural heritage and hobby. Until that regulation will also die. No, we enthusiasts will not be wiser in the long run.


Chris de Raaf.

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