Talking about reliability: The BX

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Speaking of reliability:

Due to the BX passion of one of our freelancers, there is sometimes a message about 'the last real one Citroëns' in the news section.

And while the time is behind us when birthdays were all talked about how bad those things were, the BXs are still below Ferraris and Bugattis in terms of interest and price level.

That is why we share this photo of a BX at the Dirkslandse Citroën specialist Hesselink is happy to talk with you:

Almost six tons on the clock

This BX with a sturdy turbo diesel is for sale there. With only 570.000 km on the clock. There is also a white GTI machine for sale with 240.000 on the clock.

With that, such a brave Fransoos can put himself in the 'Mercedes Diesel and Volvo 24' list for change.

Is that not endearing?

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  1. I thought there were a lot of smaller things that could break on the BX. My father has had two, both 1.9 diesels. At the time very luxurious, comfortable, economical and complete cars. My father often had faulty window controls and once a broken fuel pump, causing the engine to run wild. That was dangerous, but that pump came from Bosch. So the question is whether you do that Citroën can charge.
    I also find the light weight special. The BX jes that you still see for sale usually have good mileage. The 1.4 petrol engine in particular must be strong.

  2. The BX has served me faithfully for fifteen years. Super fine BX 1.4 Deauville from 1992
    Unfortunately, a serious accident ended the relationship. That made it the newspaper. Would rather have had him!

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