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    Zastava and Yugo. Undervalued and endearing

    Once upon a time there was a lot of catching up behind the Iron Curtain. This was carried out in the former Yugoslavia, in the part that is now called Serbia, by building 'western' cars under license. By building Fiats under license. And that all happened with Zastava. Sea

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    Zastava Yugo

    A promising fiasco, or so it seemed on paper. Where of course Giorgetto Giugiaro had also put a few lines on it to give this Zastava Yugo a nice face. That always helps, despite all prejudices. Just ask Doutzen. But in this case it was still not enough. Not a Fiat. However […] Sea

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    From Russia with Love

    In the Ukraine are still full on newspapers and newspapers. It also contains many advertisements. But if you do not master the local script and language, you will soon be wrong. Sea