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    Zastava and Yugo. Undervalued and endearing

    Once upon a time there was a lot of catching up behind the Iron Curtain. This was carried out in the former Yugoslavia, in the part that is now called Serbia, by building 'western' cars under license. By building Fiats under license. And that all happened with Zastava. Sea

  • Zastava Yugo

    At the end of the alphabet: the Zastava Yugo

    Before 1988, Zastava had linked up with Het Milieu: The Zastava 45A and the Zastava 55A were equipped with a catalytic converter. But the regular 55 disappeared, as did the 65GTL (a Fiat with the rear of the Simca 1100). And then there was still the Zastava Yugo. And that was a car of which already […] Sea

  • Yugo Sana

    The Yugo Sana 1,4. A forgotten car

    The Yugo Sana 1,4. Who didn't dream of it in 1991? Nobody? Oops. Apparently wrong approach. The Sana didn't look wrong at all. It was therefore designed by Giorgietto Guigiaro's company Ital Design. According to rumors, the car was designed for Fiat, but rejected as a design there. The Yugo Sana had to conquer Europe […] Sea