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  • Jaguar XJ

    The Jaguar XJ. The End of the Show

    We live in a world in which technologists, innovators, clinicians and left-wing politicians want to move us more and more towards alternative forms of drive. Yet there is still plenty of room for love for what once was. Perhaps more than ever. In Great Britain they want to go back to old values. Away from Europe. On the other hand […] Sea

  • Paris Motor Show

    50 year Jaguar XJ and 70 year Land Rover at the Paris Motor Show

    Jaguar Land Rover continues this year's festivities at the Paris Motor Show (October 2-14, 2018). On the stand Jaguar Land Rover will show legendary cars from the past, leading models of today and progressive models of the future. There is a lot of attention for the Jaguar XJ, which fifty years ago - in the guise of […] Sea

  • Yamaha XJ600 Diversion

    The Yamaha XJ600 Diversion. A very cheap classic

    Basic, effective, fun and cheap. That was the Yamaha XJ600 Diversion in 1992. And it still is. The engine was presented at a time when ever more and faster and bigger was already the norm. The Yamaha XJ600 Diversion became a sales hit. Oh yes: As a Yamaha XJ600S he even had a […] Sea

  • in

    Now cheap: the Jaguar XJ (1986-1994)

    The agreement between Jaguars XJ of this generation, Citroëns BX, already rusting Alfasudjes and Lada in the folder? Everyone knew about hearsay the most gruesome stories about that car on birthdays and other celebrations. And that while of all those stories about all those cars, only one thing was true: Sudjes rusted just no […] Sea