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  • Volkswagen Beetle Type 11 A 1950 2

    Volkswagen Beetle (Type 11 A) (1950): Epie Kooistra's brown glasses.

    How can an international businessman who has been buying (and selling) wholesale lots for over 40 years escape the bustle of business life? If business is a lifestyle and business acumen is active 24 hours a day, is there still free time? Yes, because Epie still has a love for motorized treats from his childhood, and that influence is still felt. People who are attracted by the same (car) passion will understand.  Sea

  • Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982)

    Volkswagen Scirocco CL (1982). The fire of joy for Jetse 

    A beautiful story of father and son with a healthy dose of car enthusiasts. In 2015 a Volkswagen Scirocco was found and the passion broke through to start a restoration job. It was the right thing to do, nothing could stop them, it felt good and they both let themselves be guided by a fantastic sense of pleasure. If you are enthusiastic, then nothing seems difficult, but it took at least 5 years of hard work to prepare the Volkswagen for a second life.  Sea

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    Even more sportswear for a civilian: VW Overdevest (?)

    The June issue of AMK – the kiosks are open again, but of course you can also take out a dirt cheap subscription – contains the heart-warming story about the Martaré Sportscar. That is a VW Beetle chassis in athletic outfit. He manly pretends to be a cousin of the Ford GT40. But that's just the plastic side of the story. Sea

  • VW Fusca (1963)

    VW Fusca (1963). VW do Brasil by Willie. 

    Connoisseurs will then know that we are talking about an air-cooled type that was produced in Brazil, and that is of course our trusted solid VW Beetle. This story is about this world car that actually crossed the ocean (2008) and came from tropical Brazil – via Portugal – to the cold Netherlands.  Sea

  • VW Passat 2B

    VW Passat. An affordable classic

    A VW Passat 2B (1980-1988). A car of which an enormous amount has been sold. The lease car for (senior) middle management from the early eighties. Those cars ran on diesel or LPG. A car where you now rarely or never see one of them again. Sea

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    VW 1302. The first Super Beetle

    In 1970 Volkswagen presents its new asset in Beetleland: the 1302. It benefits from a new chassis. Other issues are also addressed with the Super Beetle, which is fed in addition to the 1200 and the 1300. A story about the (more than) 50 year old VW. Sea

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    VW Polo Harlekin. An ugly young timer

    It has been 25 years since the Volkswagen Polo Harlekin appeared on the market. As a tribute to that colorful Polo, Volkswagen Netherlands came up with a new Polo Harlekin. A one-off, but the result is no less. Or less bad. The original Volkswagen Polo Harlekin based on the Polo 6N was never actually intended to go into production, but it happened nonetheless. Sea

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    'Van comes in a minute'. The VW vans

    'Van is coming in a minute'. That was in 1995 when the Salland duo 'Hӧllenboer' had a hit with 'Het van comes soon'. The text is satirical about two addicts waiting for the methadone bus. At the time, the singer Gerard was a nurse in addiction care and wrote the text to present the heavy subject of addiction in a fun way at a study day. The one-liner “Busje will come” became world famous in the Netherlands. Rightly so. Because what would the Netherlands be without vans? Sea

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