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  • DAF 55

    Dutch glory. The DAF 55.

    During the final agreement of 1967, DAF introduced its first passenger car with a water-cooled four-cylinder engine. A year earlier, the DAF 44 had been launched, with a new body designed by Michelotti. That bodywork also basically became the housing for the new 55, which saw the light of day in December 1967. The DAF 44 […] Sea

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    Hollands Glorie from years 60 at the center during DAF Museumdays

    The 750s were an important period in history for our Dutch car manufacturer DAF. DAF broke through in the passenger car field in the 30s. Models such as the 33, the series 44-55, the XNUMX and the XNUMX put the Eindhoven brand on the map. They also formed a solid pillar next to the transport division. Within that branch […] Sea

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    The last passenger car with the DAF brand name: the 46

    In 1974 the eight-year-old DAF 44 gets a successor. It is the DAF 46, which in an external sense remains largely the same as its predecessor. However, a number of technical innovations are hidden behind the new type name. In addition - and this appears more than two years later - the 46 is the last passenger car to bear the DAF brand name […] Sea