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    Opel, Toyota and brand love

    "Sometimes, sometimes I miss him, my faithful companion." It was the text accompanying a photo of the Opel Astra Sports Edition II that I posted on Twitter. As if I sensed it. Because two weeks later I received the announcement of an unexpectedly high cost item for the Delta. That was the start of the Lancia farewell. […] Sea

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    Toyota Starlet P8. Our lifesaver again

    It is September 24, 2020. The ringtone of my old loyal Samsung takes me out of concentration. Robin from the garage calls me way too early. Because: the earlier, the more awkward. The reason for his call lies in my Delta. Robin hasn't said anything yet, but I already know enough. Not much later […] Sea

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    Toyota Starlet. MOT, preservation and sustainability

    The phone rings early in the morning. I have just arrived at my workplace with the loan Peugeot 107. Auto Verhaag, with Daniël. He's calling me. An initial inspection of the Toyota Starlet 1.3i Sport has shown that something must be done to approve the car MOT. The Japanese is almost 25 years young, […] Sea