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  • Welding a frame, is that allowed?

    Welding a frame, is that allowed?

    Is that allowed to weld a frame? Well, not really. But it is done quite often. Anyway. Think of the now highly popular cafe racers. And if it is done neatly and technically well? Then you will actually have no problems with a police check. After all, our bikes are usually older than most agents. And […] Sea

  • Restingbuster. Welding

    Learn welding

    On these afternoons you can experience the different welding processes under the supervision of master welder Arnold Davelaar and welding book writer Marco Briër. In addition, you can use the tools and sheet metal machinery set up with us. With regard to welding, Rustbuster offers MIG / MAG (CO2), TIG, MMA (welding with coated electrodes) and spot welding. Sea

  • widened steel rims

    Widen steel rims

    The purpose of widening rims is to give your classic car a better face. ”RESTORE: The goal is better road holding because you can fit wider tires.

    At the same time, you leave the original looks of the car intact, which can be important for people with vintage cars and other enthusiasts. Sea