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    How the Taunus Transit became

    Most of the Taunuses / Transits were seen and used as tools. And where they already received care, TLC was lacking. In their later life they often had to make do with a lot of beating and little eating. Add to that the fact that at the time the factories simply did not pay attention to rust prevention and you understand why there are many more Ferrari GTOs left than - early - Transits. Sea

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    Taunus 12m and 15m Weltkugel. The love of Dimitri Corveleijn

    Recently Dimitri Corveleijn sent us a very nice message. He enthusiastically told us about his preference for the Taunus 12m and 15m. Now there have been several (Ford) Taunus generations where the m was an important part of the type name. But in this particular case, Dimitri's fondness is about the globe. He is […] Sea

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    Ford 17M / Ford 20M P7a. Not loved. Still successful.

    Ford's larger “M” class makes its debut in updated trim. In a technical sense, the P7a shares the necessary characteristics with its successful predecessor “Taunus P5”. However, it gets a completely new monocoque body. And that housing ensures that the first P7 generation never generates the popularity it deserves Sea

  • Taunus 12M P4 owner

    Taunus 12M P4

    The Taunus 12M P4 was built from 1962 to mid-1966. Design history is eventful. Ford Germany was just working on a new concept to succeed the P1 model. And in Dearborn, the Ford management became restless, because European imports - especially the Beetle - made it difficult for the big Americans. Ford came up with the […] Sea

  • Ford 12M P4

    The Taunus 12M P4. German model with American design history.

    In September 1962, the first front-wheel drive car from Ford Germany made its market premiere. The Taunus 12M P4 is the fourth post-war model produced by the Germanic branch of the American concern. The development of the model does not take place in Germany in the years prior to the market debut. That happens in the United States. […] Sea

  • Goliathm Sambabus

    Van is coming soon. A Goliath in top condition

    It has been a trend for quite some time: Top pieces go for top prices. And then of course we think of the exotics within our classic world, Pebble Beach, the MECC and other places where the classic lovers do not immediately come to in old jeans and with mourning edges under their nails. These kinds of masterpieces usually only appear in the […] Sea

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    Someone a new 12M Coupé?

    The license plate is 52-67-BH and the older youngsters among us immediately know that we are talking about year of construction 1966. This snow-white 12M Coupé did not get any further than a paltry 44 kilometer in those 100 years. At least: according to the odometer. Sea