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  • BMW 2800 CS

    BMW 2800 CS. From four to six cylinders

    In the summer of 1968, the four-cylinder BMW coupé models were succeeded by the six-cylinder models. The new coupé line became the sporty version of the new large sedan models, the 2500 and 2800. The first CS (Coupe Sport) was the BMW 2800 CS with a 170 hp six-cylinder engine. The CS was a lot - […] Sea

  • six-cylinder

    Six-cylinder dogs, males and their piss brand

    So. You have to attract attention with such a headline. But with some explanation everything becomes clear. Six-cylinder motorcycles are prestige pieces. The Japanese, very sensitive to mutual authority relations, did not make six-cylinders to score enormous sales numbers. The Japanese six-cylinders were what were 'masterpieces' in guild times: the most beautiful and most accessible. Things to […] Sea