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  • Daffodil 32

    Daffodil 32 restoration

    Frank van der Sanden has spent years restoring his Daffodil 32 LE from 1965. Now the car is finally ready and he is happy to share his experiences.  Sea

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    Restoration is investing in loss

    Well… almost always. And of course we have to take into account that the world has gone mad. Yet. When I saw the advertisement about the - of course again - Moto Guzzi V7 found in a shed, I immediately fell in love. From experience, however, I immediately put him in oblivion. In the meantime he will no doubt have been sold or adopted. Sea

  • NSU Prinz
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    NSU Prinz - a restoration

    Precision NSU Prinz The NSU Prinz of father Uilke and son Hendrik-Jan de Vries has been brought back to life this year, with the utmost precision. Former mechanic and damage expert Uilke and car damage repairer Hendrik-Jan like to tackle a car thoroughly. Since 1993 this little rascal has entered the circles of the De Vries family. Hendrik-Jan […] Sea

  • Volkswagen Karmann Ghia three-quarters up
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    Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Cabriolet restoration

    Mango-mix It sounds like it is about a tropical drink and this Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is that sweet. Radiant in the sun, he lets vitamin D work on his light green skin. Mango Green, to be precise, the color of a version of the same name within the Transporter dynasty. Okay, then immediately the total decoration package […] Sea

  • Barn finds
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    Barn finds, investing and restoring

    In the Netherlands in Belgium, hundreds and hundreds of classics have yet to be forgotten in sheds and under shelters. We have to, because we alone come across them by the dozen. The question is: should you be happy with such a barn find? That shouldn't be. It's allowed. Motorcycles that have been stationary for a (very) long time usually do not work because of it […] Sea

  • MG Midget

    MG Midget restoration

    With the precision of an F16 By: René Gruwel - Wilbers Taxaties ( Henny Verheijen is no stranger to hard work. Take the restoration of his MG, for instance, they just roll up their sleeves. And this MG Midget is being very drastically overhauled. Not because you have to, but because you can! Owner Verheijen […] Sea

  • Buick Eight Super

    Buick Eight Super 1953, restoration

    The American Dream By Max de Krijger Erik Brederode's 1953 Buick Eight Super is an anniversary car. The brand existed 50 years at the time and that is why the anniversary model got a V8. Connoisseurs will see this immediately, although the chance that you will find exactly the same version in the Netherlands is not that great. According to […] Sea

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