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  • Renault Rambler (1966)

    Renault Rambler (1966): Stylish 'French' American for Christiaan Aaldijk ... 

    Has this beautiful and stylish car - in the higher price range - from the 60s already been erased from your memory? In this color scheme a fantastic car to see and also rare. There are six more to drive around in the Netherlands and you will therefore see very little in the 'wild'. Christiaan is a good exception. He cherishes his 'American' with a link to Renault. More

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    Toppers from France

    France was once a country where luxury, prestigious automobiles were made. The crisis in the XNUMXs severely breached that story. And after WWII, the French state interference in car manufacturing decided that many small and affordable cars and cars had to be made. More

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    Daf 55. Elegant and mature

    DAFs. Real Dutch cars with their unique transmission. Cars that were especially popular with people who should never have obtained a driver's license. Those folks tarnished the brand with a tragic reputation. And the factory did everything it could to do something about it. But even its success in the London-Sydney marathon failed to give the brand the shine it deserved. Fortunately, DAF has survived gloriously as a truck manufacturer. More

  • Renault Espace

    Renault Espace: from MPV to crossover

    On Sunday morning I always get fresh German sandwiches at the gas station on the Apeldoorns Kanaal. When I got the loot, a man got out of a huge car. From the front I saw that it was a Renault. On the back was Espace… The thing was stretched and wide. And quite low. More

  • Renault Dauphine
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    Renault Dauphine. Tested ...

    Church fellowships are often endearing. Members of a municipality bring in things and sell them for a good cause. They usually do that for butter-soft prices. If there is such a phenomenon, then you have to act quickly. Otherwise you will be faced with a clever crowd of professional buyers from the flea & lifestyle corner who immediately after […] More

  • Renault 10

    Renault 10, sympathetic classic

    In 1965, Renault made its mark by introducing the uniquely designed and progressive R16 (called “1500” at the very beginning). The French have been at the forefront of developing new and modern standards for the use of space and travel pleasure for several years. In the shadow of the new hatchback, France conjures up a more conventional surprise: the Renault 10 Major. More

  • Renault 4 GTL (1985)
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    Renault 4 GTL (1985). Decoration model for Klaas Piekstra

    In its garden center in the Frisian Hurdegaryp, this Renault 4 GTL stands between colorful and strongly fragrant flowers and plants. What you don't smell is the gluttonous rust that has slyly made its mark. The rust devils came to eat the Renault in a closed column. It started at the bottom and is now active in sheet metal work. More

  • Renault 9

    Renault's forgotten generation

    In September 1981, Renault presented the 9, a four-meter sedan with a striking rectangular design. This car was named “Car of the Year 1982”. Two years later, the three- and five-door Renault 11 followed to make the 14 forget. It had a third or fifth door with a panoramic rear window. The Renault 21 also belongs to that forgotten generation of Renaults, which this article is about. More

  • Renault 25 TXI

    Renault 25 TXI. Beloved business car

    With the relentless enthusiasm of Renault fan Jaap, we touch the keyboard again to describe its part in preserving the mobile heritage. His Renault 8 S and his possession of a car with temperament: the Renault A 110 were discussed earlier. This time his Renault 25 TXI is the […] More

  • Renault 8

    Renault 8 (Type S): a spirited Frenchman

    As far as we are concerned, a psychologist does not have to look for an explanation why people can become so passionate about a classic car. This is clear to Jaap Noppert, he projects his beautiful Renault 8 to the time of his youth and growing family. By: Dirk de Jong For him, his work at Renault dealer was […] More

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