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    A good bake - column

    A BMW was bought for 300 euros. An R65. Just to get through the winter. Because why not drive a classic in winter? The ex police had slept outside for years in an Arnhem neighborhood full of long-term minimums. And first gear did not work. Everything breaks. Also BMW gearboxes. Sea

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    Bad luck on the way - a column

    It's outdated, but I almost always stop for people (M / F or gender neutral) with bad luck. Except for lease knights and princesses. Because they have a structural mobility guarantee. Bad luck and 'breakdown' After the corner someone got out of a squat position, turned to me and raised a hand forcibly. "Stop!" Well, I estimated the probability that […] Sea

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    BMW prices and originality. Everything must be right

    BMW R90S engines are hand-trimmed. However? It is funny how things on the Internet get their truth by 'cutting and pasting'. Even in the usually very correct BMW world. For example, the first series BMW R90S had pasted striping. And all over the Internet the number of 276 'stickered' R90Ss is mentioned. We recently had the honor […] Sea