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    A concours d'élégance.

    A Concours d'élégance. Kind of like a beauty pageant for classics. And just like a beauty pageant, it is about so much more than a nice face above a pleasantly sculpted body. It's about quality and perfection down to the last detail. Sea

  • BMW R68 restoration by Theo Terwel

    Restoration BMW R 68

    The BMW R68 was a beast with no less than 35 horsepower on board. For the bicycle part, there were a few too many. The suspension and damping simply did not swallow the enormous speeds on the bad road surfaces. Very classic on the R 68: the (front) ignition was adjustable by hand. Connoisseurs of that system know by adjusting the ignition while driving the most beautiful explosions from the exhaust system. Sea

  • VW reatauration in AMK 11

    A garage in Schalsum and an orange Beetle

      And how high-quality restoration work was achieved there? That was actually because the Roy Jr. bought a 'work house'… This is how the orange Spaarkever became a top beetle. If you have a nice story about a unique garage company yourself, you can give us a call. Oh yes: The story about the de Roy family […] Sea