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  • Volkswagen

    Volkswagen bus returns

    It took a while, but finally Volkswagen comes with a new Bus. The brand first announced a possible comeback since 2001, but now it really seems to be coming. The return of the legendary Volkswagen bus, once invented by Ben Pon, was announced at Pebble Beach last weekend. The base […] Sea

  • Infiniti

    New: a classic Infiniti

    At Pebble Beach, Infiniti shows the Prototype 9, an example of what a racing car from the brand in the 40s could have looked like. For discussion, of course: is it great that the Japanese brand also has an eye for classics and classic events, or is it pure kitsch? The luxury brand of Nissan is proud of […] Sea

  • in

    Elvis' BMW 507 is back

    A BMW 507 is not everyday, but the one that once belonged to Elvis Presley is of course just a little bit more special. And that car has now been completely restored. Sea