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  • Opel Commodore AB 307571

    Opel Commodore A. Sporty six-cylinder luxury and triumph

    During the XNUMXs, the need for cars with high-performance six-cylinder engines grew. In West Germany in particular, the car with a six-cylinder on board was considered a prestige object. Opel did not miss that either. Rüsselsheim had already built up quite a reputation with the large KAD-Opels. At the same time, the gap between the large Opel models and the […] Sea

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    Opel Rekord D. Almost half a century young

    The Opel Rekord D will soon celebrate its fiftieth anniversary. In November 1971, Opel started series production of the car, which had to uphold Opel's honor in the large middle class and became a welcome guest. The Opel Rekord C had its work within the domain where Opel had been represented for years, so with verve […] Sea

  • Opel B Kadett Caravan van Sjoerd 1973 1

    Opel B Kadett Caravan van Sjoerd (1973). Alive again 

    In 1973, Douwe Land purchased a new Opel Kadett Caravan for the careful and correct delivery of the packages he was transporting. Douwe Land could transport everything, long, wide, heavy, vulnerable and fresh. The Opel Kadett Caravan was the preferred means of transport for delivery in the region.  Sea

  • Opel Monza Coupe (1985)

    Opel Monza Coupe (1985). Infinite admiration for Opel 

    Pieter Visser has a surplus of passion for the German Opel, not for a few years, but for his entire life. How this came about is easy to explain. His father was completely preoccupied with Opel from his first Manta 16 S, which he bought at the dealer for 70 Dutch guilders in the 10.000s. After that, many would follow. The Opel experience has been taken over by Pieter with major consequences.  Sea

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    Opel Omega: An honest and delicious world car

    Classics? That's about memories. The contractor from the Zoutelande area long before that song was made about that village. It was in the time that Zeeland Flemish contractors or larger Opels or Mercedes drove 200 diesels. Those were cars that were taken seriously enough in Zeeland without being seen as gaudy type. Sea

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