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    VW Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo developed into a public favorite after its birth in 1975. The Polo was positioned as the cheaper brother of the Audi 50, but it soon proved to outstrip it in popularity. The first series of the Polo sold well and laid the foundation for the current Polo success. The Spartan Audi 50 […] Sea

  • National Oldtimer Festival

    National Oldtimer Festival, a report

    By: Martin Philippo The National Oldtimer Festival has a formula that is as brilliant as it is simple. Owners of oldtimers and young timers are invited to drive their car to the National Oldtimer Festival and park on the grounds of the Zandvoort circuit. And behold: the entire paddock during the National Oldtimer Festival flows […] Sea

  • Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint

    Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint | 1964

    Look at this… There she is. All alone. Almost shy. She knows we are staring at her perfect lines. Down her hips to her beautifully sculpted, unassuming rear with those signature deep-set taillights. Through its clear windows to the 55 year old leather. She knows this needs to be replaced ... She's ashamed a [...] Sea

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    Make Lancia great again!

    While turbulent 1963 makes history, full of hope and hatred, the sun shines in Italy with the creation of the Lamborghini brand and the start of production of Lancia's most famous car ever. Designer Piero Castagnero delivers with his design a masterpiece that the brand would never surpass. But not only the design […] Sea

  • Nissan Laurel

    Nissan Laurel (C31). The fat one from Datsun

    The well-to-do bourgeoisie, or whatever wants to pass for it, is now invariably talking about premium. Interesting. The people consistently call it fat. Nice and short. But in fact, the here and there somewhat hysterically adored class of the larger sedan has existed for much longer and this segment was already unjustified at the time by purely Germanic dikbolides […] Sea

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    Barkas B1000. Lightning best (s) eller

    This diligent workhorse lugged a ton of Ost-Zeug around without grumbling or apathetic. Performance With 42 hp between the front seats, that seemed like a daunting task. However, the small two-stroke three-cylinder had little trouble with it, as long as it didn't go at dizzying speeds. In addition, those 990 cc produced more horsepower than […] Sea

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    Triumph TR6 | For the good cause

    To govern is to look ahead, says the local bar owner in my hometown. And there is no way to get in between. Yet every year we let ourselves be overcome by, for example, summer or winter. We only buy winter tires when it is winter and therefore at the highest price. And we buy a boat when the […] Sea

  • Jowett Javelin

    Jowett Javelin

    Forgotten very early on Splendid loss, as only the British could. The Jowett Javelin is an early and masterful example of this. World car The British car industry was always about ideas, but never that about testing. If it were correct in theory, nothing could go wrong in practice, right? This is probably how […] Sea

  • trade in

    The Bandentrapper and trade-in

    There was a time when you could also write crisis with a K (because it didn't exist anyway) and semi-classic cars were still tax-free. Yes really. In those days long gone, I decided to trade in my daily Renault 4. It seemed like a good idea, it was tough. This is how a curious journey begins […] Sea

  • Alfa Romeo Arna

    Alfa Romeo Arna. Exactly wrong

    No one still knows exactly what the intention was. Combining the worst of both worlds only worked well on land, at sea and in the air. Collaboration Still, at the beginning of October 1980, top executives Ettore Massacesi and Takashi Ishihara stepped into the soapbox called Alfa Romeo Nissan Autoveicoli and thundered downhill together. The thought […] Sea

  • Renault 14

    The Renault 14. How Renault got stuck with the baked pears

    Taking the attack on the competition is necessary for car manufacturers. But killing your own product is the wrong ammo. However sharp it is. Full of life Because that was the Renault 14. Basically, this intended VW Golf alternative was a promising concept. The friendly hatchback had a number of things on board that certainly […] Sea

  • AMC Eagle

    AMC Eagle, landed earlier than the rest

    Many car manufacturers claim to have put the very first crossover-sister or crossover-so in the desperately hip-craving market. But the AMC eagle landed way before. American steel Above all, the first real crossover was born more or less out of necessity. It was the late XNUMXs and nobody was waiting for hip. It just had to […] Sea

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