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    Ford Mustang: a 1986'er. Not a 1968 person

    With men like The Boxerwhisperer and the famous Flemish (ex?) Secret agent Walter W. has in the circle of friends Auto Motor Klassiek strong links with the Flemish, where in fact a classic culture prevails that is somewhat low profile for the more exuberant kind of Dutch. Sea

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    Shelby GT 350 / 500

    An anabolic Ford Mustang: The Shelby GT 350/500 The 1967-68'er Ford Shelby Mustang GT 350 is one of the coolest American muscle cars ever made. It was a racing car with a license plate. The new Shelby became legendary with the general public in 1968 and the Mustrang passionado's because of the twelve minutes long […] Sea

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    A must for the fan: The Mustang Fever in Heusden Zolder

    In the weekend of April 16 and 17 it is that time again. Then The Mustang Garage organizes the 14th edition of The Mustang Fever in Heusden Zolder, Belgium. And that is a very nice event full of Mustang experience that every true fan of the American icon simply cannot ignore. The Mustang Garage is […] Sea

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    A happy marriage

    And that it is also a business-based marriage? That is only good. Carla Paumen and Adelbert Engler first found and got to know each other in the business field. Getting to know that turned into sincere love back and forth. Carla is the owner of Autostoffering Carla in Geleen and has been known for years for her work […] Sea

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    August number Auto Motor Klassiek

    Subscribers with a benevolent postal worker already have it on the bus today, if you buy it in the store, you have to wait a little longer. The new issue, August 2014, will be available in stores from Tuesday. And we have again done our best to create a beautiful, varied song with something for every classic fan. Sea

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    Auto Motor Klassiek number 8

    With perhaps the holiday in mind, it is of course useful to know what we are going to put in that number. Of course the first 20-25 pages are filled with columns, all kinds of messages about classic cars and motorcycles, the fixed columns of the Dutch Historic Rally Club. But you can also expect various rally reports and reports about interesting events from us. Sea

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    InterClassics & TopMobiel 2014 ensures a record number of visitors

    The 21st edition of Interclassics and TopMobiel in Maastricht attracted a record number of visitors. No fewer than 27.974 people took the trouble to view the collection of beautiful and classic motor heritage and modern exclusives. Compared to last year's anniversary edition, the number of visitors increased by 27%. Three themes and a classic auction The beautiful event […] Sea

  • 1 on 43 scale models

    Matrix models

    Of course Matrix also has an 1: 43 model of an E-type. But the center of gravity of the co9 collection is in the corner of less common models such as:

    * A Ghia 230 S Coupe
    * The Ford Mustang Internecchanica Wagon
    * A Mercedes Benz W186 300C Binz Combi
    *The Citroen Nilsson Limousine Sea