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  • Morris Ten

    Morris Ten (1948). Eye-catcher for 'The Veteran' 

    De Veteraan has a small-scale but special museum in the Frisian Metslawier. It is important for the owner that there is a lot of variation in his collection, whether it concerns classic motorcycles, mopeds or cars. The oldtimer in the yard of De Veteraan is a real eye-catcher. It attracts the attention of the tourist cycling past who likes to pay a spontaneous visit.  Sea

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    Classics from a legacy. Part 2

    A collection of classics that has been built up over thirty or even fifty years ... It can be impressive. And largely 'invisible'. We know of a collector who has 94 antique bicycles that his wife knows nothing about. A now XNUMX-year-old widow knew that her husband had a few old motorcycles and the car in which they were married […] Sea

  • Schagen car museum

    Schagen car museum. And 'Such'

    That 'this' is North Holland. Google Translate would say 'and the like'. The chance that you will find masses of people in the Automuseum Schagen is quite minimal. It is probably busier on the nearby beach with this weather. So let's keep this story to ourselves. In the beginning Arie Kapitein (born in De Zijpe in 1914) was […] Sea

  • Rolls Royce Chinese Eye

    Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye, rally with a Rolls-Royce

    A very dynamic Rolls-Royce The Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud was the manufacturer's main model from 1955 to 1966. Rolls-Royce Silver Clouds were not prepared for rally driving. This Rolls-Royce Chinese Eye is. There is a trip master and fire extinguisher in the stylish interior and the engine has been rebuilt with forged pistons plus […] Sea

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    Arnhems Oorlogsmuseum 1940-1945. Eef Peeters, the collector

    Many collectors have expanded their motorcycle collection into a museum. Eef Peeters from Arnhem has his collection of motorcycles in his museum. It is now 75 years after the liberation. So his collection in the Arnhem War Museum 1940-1945 is highly topical. 'It's a thing from my childhood. I grew up in the shelter after the second […] Sea

  • autumn

    Classics in the fall

    We can talk about late summer. But of course it is just autumn. But with this kind of autumn it is wonderful to take a (long) weekend with the classic. It's already Thursday now… Classics as decoration in a museum? No, the classics in the Arnhem open-air museum are really part of the past […] Sea

  • motorcycle museum

    A fantastic motorcycle museum

    Through our network we came into contact with a unique motorcycle museum, a motorcycle museum with a very impressive collection of classic motorcycles. A collection consisting of a lot of unique material in new condition. From the highlights of the golden age of motorcycle history, the XNUMXs and XNUMXs. Plus a few […] Sea

  • Pakhuis Koophandel Museum

    Really special: Museum Pakhuis Koophandel in Leeuwarden

    For years it was called “The best kept secret of Leeuwarden”. We are talking about 't Andere Museum from Oldtimer to Kant, or rather: the Museum Pakhuis Koophandel. We finally had the opportunity to fulfill a long-cherished promise and took a look. To then establish that […] Sea

  • Mclaren

    Extremely rare McLaren's in the Louwman Museum

    Extremely rare McLarens in Louwman Museum Louwman Museum from 7 July to 27 August dedicated to McLaren History of the legendary brand is shown by means of a unique collection of racing cars and street cars Exhibition opened by Amanda McLaren Dutch premiere 720S during exhibition In het Louwman Museum in The Hague is […] Sea

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    So an exchange exchange

    On May 26-27 there will be a meeting of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America at the AMM in Sallandse Raalte at the American Motorcycle Museum museum of Ans and Max Middelbosch. Ans and Max cherish their unique collection of American Motorcycles there. The exhibited collection offers a comprehensive overview of American motorcycle history […] Sea

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    Groningen revisited

    Lately we have been regularly in Groningen, the new southern France. It is quiet, rural and spacious and you will find just as many classics as we used to find south of the Loire. Oh yes: And a second home in Groningen is cheaper than one in the Dordogne. Our new circle of friends there […] Sea

  • Malta

    A car museum on Malta

    Malta - and Gozo - are very beautiful dive sites. And it is historical ground. The local speed limit is about seventy kilometers and people who have rented a car there are often not aware of this. It's a good place to be on the islands where history on wheels is still thriving. And if you are there anyway […] Sea

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