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  • Nice stuff from South Africa: Pratley

    From my own experience

    Pratley is from South Africa. The company makes adhesives. And the manufacturer's motto is that his products must be much better than those of the competition. Sea

  • metal glue

    Locktite, Devcon, Pratley. Pratley?

    A nice addition: Pratley Europe - just in Ter Aar - supplies glue and knead glue for metal. A few of their products received our special attention because they provide adhesive connections that remain stable up to around 120 degrees.

  • locktite aluminum repair

    Aluminum adhesives

    Epoxy adhesives

    If glue is good in the aerospace and aircraft industry, then we will get away with it.

    The modern (gap-filling) epoxy adhesives also make metal repairs on engine components accessible to us, keyers and hobbyists who at Locktite actually think of deposit fluids.