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  • Star Cars & Coffee
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    Star Cars & Coffee. Enjoyment among the Stars

    Sunday, September 1, 2019. The day is gold-rimmed by Mercedes-Benz owners and enthusiasts. Klaas de Poel organizes the traditional Star Cars & Coffee in and around his stables together with his people. Everyone is also welcome during the eleventh edition of the meeting point for and by Mercedes enthusiasts in Surhuisterveen. […] More

  • environmental zone Rotterdam
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    Mercedes Benz W123 in Guinness Book of Records

    Last Sunday a real world record attempt took place in Balkbrug. The goal: to have as many of the same cars as possible in succession. Car company Jansen from Balkbrug organized the event and focused on their childhood love. Brothers Dick and Hans Jansen grew up with the Mercedes-Benz W123. Not only for that reason, they wanted the […] More

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    Ticks and pin pricks in men's suits

    Don't choose. That is perhaps the correct name for the tapping on the fingers that Daimler AG boss Dieter Zetsche has now handed out to Volkswagen a few times. In connection with the diesel gate, he said that VW was doing the car industry a disservice and indirectly lashed out at competitor Audi, VW subsidiary since […] More

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    Stichting Autobelangen also loses its fifth test process

    The Stichting Autobelangen has also lost the fifth trial process in the fight against the current MRB exemption scheme. The court in Groningen took a long time to reach a judgment in the final trial. This was done by the Autobelangen Foundation together with Bart Kouwenhoven - owner of a Mercedes Benz 240 D from before 1987- […] More

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    Fifth test trial decision Car interests are still awaiting

    Stichting Autobelangen has announced that the second six-week period for the court decision in the last trial process has expired. The Groninger court has now taken six weeks twice to pass judgment. That second term has now also expired. As is known, Autobangen has conducted five legal proceedings […] More