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    Chinese Takeaway: Chang Jiang 750

    Briefly, the Soviets scored a pair of BMW R1939s in 71. They copied them and they became the already seriously appreciated M72s. When the 'Russians' got tired of the idea, the former German concept moved to China. There it was renamed Chang (Or 'Xiang') Jiang. Named after the Yangtze River, Blue River or Chang Jiang, the longest river in Asia and the third in length in the world, after the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa. More

  • M72

    M72: Almost half as expensive as an HD

    Prices in our hobby area? "Tis just what the fool gives for it". Everything used to cost nothing. So if you had bought everything in the past… In 1961 a Harley Liberator cost 150 guilders just like that. Driving and well. In 1990 I bought a reasonable, well-running M72 sidecar combination for 250 guilders, so more than 110 euros. And before that […] More

  • Ratier

    Classic motorcycles, such as Ratier and UT

    It is actually strange that we always talk about a few names and models in the classic motorcycle world. The 'usual suspects' are of course Harley-Davidson, the BMW boxers, the heavy bikes of the big British brands and the four giants from Japan plus more than a handful of Italy's finest history. […] More

  • Ural

    Ural: "I have problems with your ex" and a party

    Last Saturday, Richard Busweiler from Genemuiden held a party for his customers. Of course it remains all hobbie in the margins, but starting from a rejected sea container with a trade in old Russian motorcycles about fifteen years later - still as 'activity on the side', because Richard has a good job - a […] More

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    Refurbished. ZGAN or weakness bid?

    Refurbished Refurbished is a relatively new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone trade. Despite the fact that it is increasingly popping up, it is not always clear what exactly refurbishment entails. By 'refurbished' we mean products that have been 'used' before and that are as new again thanks to a revamp by experts. On personal […] More

  • ural-dnepr book, M72

    A bible for M72, Ural and Dnepr enthusiasts

    A bible for M72, Ural and Dnepr enthusiasts. It is now socially accepted to like a Russian boxer sidecar. And to score such an endearingly cool tricycle, you don't even have to put in that much effort. When purchasing an M72 (which can be quite expensive) or a still very cheap Ural or […] More

  • M72, Ural, Dnepr

    Classical Russians: A growth market?

    Classical Russians: A growth market? In hard core Russian rider land there is some sulking: Firstly, the 'new' Urals are so good that the charm of tinkering is gone. And the prices of the new sidecar combinations and classic Russians are no longer what they used to be ... A new - but actually 'classic' Ural Ranger […] More

  • The CJ 750. A takeaway Chinese

    The CJ 750. A takeaway Chinese. BMW´s R71 Mk III

    The CJ 750 Chiang Yangs are now relieved by more modern engines for the Chinese army. But the story behind the history of BMW's R71 after he put the business on the wheels in Russia as an M72, not many people know yet. The real history of the Chinese CJ 750 sidecar combinations. The name of […] More

  • Chang Jiang 750 G

    Made in China Ben has had such a Chang and liked the other pictures. Ben has sold his copy a few times and bought it back because the new owners thought the twin was too slow… Hence the nickname 'Jojo'. And the Richard that is being talked about is Richard Busweiler, the man who supplies the world from Genemuiden with old Ural and Dnepr sidecar combinations. Plus an occasional Chang Jiang. The Russian / Chinese motorcycle scene is a small world full of nice people and endearing budgets. More

  • CJ750 error

    The CJ 750 story

    The CJ 750 story. The history of the heavy Chinese engines. Which were actually heavy Russian engines. Which were actually heavy German engines. More

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