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    Lancia Beta: Beautiful!

    When Fiat took over Lancia in 1969, the company had ceased to be a technical director the year after the death of technical director Antonio Fessia. Ing. Sergio Camuffo was given the task of developing the new Lancia model in the early 1970s. Sea

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    Lancia and the beauty of coachwork con il telaio storico

    Today, car manufacturers are tumbling over each other to develop as many new models and trim levels as possible. Yes, the rat race has been halted by a certain pandemic. But still: there are so many developments. Take Mercedes-Benz for example. A very good-natured press representative once lost count of me […] Sea

  • Lancia Beta Coupe 1600
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    Lancia Beta Coupé 1600: Young and fresh

    For many classic enthusiasts, the car is usually a 'she'. And this Lancia Beta Coupé 1600 is not just any car. Despite her age of 45, this Italian is still almost wrinkle-free. So she is from a different generation and yet the lines still give her youthfulness. You could call the model timeless. […] Sea

  • A112

    The Autobianchi A112. From road planner to evergreen

    The Autobianchi A112 is presented on October 2, 1969. It marks an era in which the application of front-wheel drive and the creation of optimal space is increasingly prominent on the agenda of manufacturers. The Autobianchi A1, which originated from Giacosa's project X2 / 112, is a success. The Italian Supermini, in which Gandini also had a hand, will be seventeen […] Sea

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    Make Lancia great again!

    While turbulent 1963 makes history, full of hope and hatred, the sun shines in Italy with the creation of the Lamborghini brand and the start of production of Lancia's most famous car ever. Designer Piero Castagnero delivers with his design a masterpiece that the brand would never surpass. But not only the design […] Sea

  • InterClassics Maastricht

    History of Lancia main act at InterClassics Maastricht 2019

    The Italian brand Lancia will be central during the 26th edition of InterClassics Maastricht. The highlights of the brand's rich history of more than 100 years will be presented in collaboration with the Lancia Club Netherlands and Belgium and various museums. Enthusiasts can indulge themselves during InterClassics Maastricht 2019. That will be from 10 […] Sea

  • Lancia Gamma

    The Lancia Gamma 2500 ie (Iniezione Elettronica)

    Completely in contradiction with the sober, exuberantly subdued appearance of the fiercely sporty Fulvia, there is also a Lancia Gamma 2500 ie (Iniezione Elettronica, from 1981) from 1982. FIAT had incorporated the financially poorly performing Lancia in 1969 and the Gamma is the last model to be produced entirely by Lancia […] Sea

  • Lancia Delta

    The Lancia Delta HF Turbo. a Fiat Ritmo on steroids

    During a recent world trip to Cadzand Bad, which was taken over by Flanders, we passed a closed garage. The manager might have stopped the sale, but he had still kept some nice things on hand. In the window was - among other things - a very nice Lancia HF Integrale. And then very […] Sea

  • Turin

    Traveling through time: Museo Nazionale Dell'Automobile Di Torino

    Northern Italy can be considered an absolute attraction for classic enthusiasts. It houses several car museums. One of those stopping places for a glimpse of automotive history is in Turin: the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile di Torino. We visited the museum in the capital of Piemonte. We make the entrance into the modern stylized building, which defies […] Sea

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    Record number of visitors sees Lancia win at Het Loo

    The annual Concours d'Elégance Paleis Het Loo was won last weekend by a beautiful Lancia Astura Serie II. A record number of visitors saw how the unique Lancia won the cup. Until now, the Concours d'Elégance has always stuck at just under 25.000 visitors. Although the organization increases the number of visitors to this year's edition […] Sea

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