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    VW Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo developed into a public favorite after its birth in 1975. The Polo was positioned as the cheaper brother of the Audi 50, but it soon proved to outstrip it in popularity. The first series of the Polo sold well and laid the foundation for the current Polo success. The Spartan Audi 50 […] Sea

  • Volkswagen 412

    Volkswagen 412, the nose bear

    In 1968, the Beetle was highly dated and begged the market for a bigger, more luxurious, and more modern car. And according to VW, the newcomer also had to compete seriously with, for example, the Opel Rekord, of which Opel sold around 300.000 of them on an annual basis. The Ford Taunus 17M and the Peugeot 504 were also clearly cars […] Sea

  • Tuning NSU TTS

    Tuning, now and then…

    In fact, tuning means 'tuning in' (to the optimum). To us it sounds like 'speed up'. The son of a comrade had his Suzuki tuned ... Chip tuning. The Swift was clearly better because of it. It grew from 125 to 141 hp. The torque increased from 148 to 166 Nm. And all without black hands […] Sea

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    Air cooled engines. And the storm Dennis

    Well. With the wind on the head of a 2CV it is true that you now have to plan some extra travel time. Such a 2CV has its limitations. But Volkswagen made Beetles, Porsche 911s, Tatra air-cooled V8s, and the Chevrolet Corvairs had air-cooled six-cylinder boxers. And now hardly anyone makes them anymore, the air-cooled […] Sea

  • VW Beetle 1303

    VW Beetle 1303… Value and where the steering wheel is

    Classics are regularly offered with 'the wheel on the wrong side'. That handlebar on the right was once quite normal. The split of minds came later. The approach is that classics from countries where people drive on the right have left-hand drive. Only in myramar is it apparently different. Left-hand drivers have right-hand drive. […] Sea

  • Dickholmer

    The VW Beetle from 1957-1964. The Dickholmer

    In the August 2019 edition of Auto Motor Klassiek an extensive arsenal of news items, columns and classics for sale has been included. And of course the publication offers many beautiful reports. One of them focuses on Richard van der Bijl, his Siku collection and especially his VW 1200 Export. Are newly delivered in Sweden […] Sea

  • Beetle

    The beetle. He lives happily ever after

    This week, Volkswagen reflected on an event that actually took place sixteen years ago. In Mexico the last Beetle, actually a retro version of VW's Typ 1, came off the production line this week. That event was heralded as the end of an era. The NOS news reported in the week of July 8, 2019 - July 14 […] Sea

  • VW

    A real fake VW

    What is the probability that the wife of 'Reichskommissar' Seys Inquart drove around in a Beetle from 1940 sometime between 1945-1948? Beetle or monkey sandwich? When Eef Peeters, owner of the Arnhem War Museum 40-45 in Zeeland, hit the car of - according to say and according to various papers - the wife of the former […] Sea

  • Citroën DS

    The Nose of the Pike: Citroën DS

    When our salesman Marc happily informs me that we can auction a great, 45-year-old 7-seater station wagon, it could be German, French, Swedish or American, but at least something beautiful. A few days later when I find myself in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly becomes a pointed nose with a split […] Sea

  • Beetle
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    The Beetle 337. The first VW in the Netherlands.

    Seventy years ago, Pon's Automobielhandel brought the first batch of six Volkswagens to the Netherlands. The first copy of that batch of Beetles (the Beetle 337) still exists. The first delivery to Pon's Automobielhandel, which became the very first importer of Volkswagens in the world on August 8, 1947, consisted of six 'family cars' that, because of their characteristic round […] Sea

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