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  • Umweltzone Bottrop

    Another reason ...

    to take a weekend in the Ruhrgebiet. We mentioned it before: the industrial history, the climbing of the 'Halden', the park landscape, the friendly priced good quality catering industry, museums, correct people. The fine for the lack of the environmental sticker in Bottrop was canceled after we had explained to the officer in question that we were in […] Sea

  • Camion Rose2

    The Pink Bus

    Le Camion Rosé (as in the color or the type of wine) is a co-production of the love of Cyril Sars and Mariël Kampshoff and their 2 companies. In 2006 DS and SM specialist Cyril Sars took the pink Citroën N350 in Reims. At that moment he had no idea what he […] Sea

  • The New Ruysch

    A classic friendly address

    Eetcafe de Nieuwe Ruysch on the Apeldoorns Kanaal is a classic friendly stopping point. But how friendly the manager is was proved last night. While a classic driver stranded at closing time with a broken gearbox at the intersection where the catering facility is located, the owner provided a cup of coffee and left the […] Sea

  • Trabant excursion

    A weekend in Berlin

    Berlin may become the capital of Europe. If at least Europe stays. We have learned from a good source that the stacks of money for the Neuro and Zeuro have already been printed and are drying up. But there is much to be said for the idea. Just from a tourist point of view though. The city has everything to make a long weekend very beautiful. And 'everything' can then be seen in the relationship as in between 'Her and Him'. Sea