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  • Ariens Harley

    Harley-Davidson: A chiseled purchase?

    Then you have a few tensions: Factory originals are rare. Plus the well-known statement “You don't write anything off on a Harley”. The bike in the photos started life as an 883 Sportster. The block grew to 1200 cc and was further tuned. In the conversion to 'high-potential', the builder spent about twenty years […] Sea

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    Ger and the art of Linkert Maintanance

    Ger Dijkshoorn belongs to the kind of men whose production has been discontinued for a while now. Ger is a genetic freebooter, a pure-bred technician and an absolute connoisseur when it comes to Harleys without electronics. And when the box with anecdotes opens, you imagine yourself in another world. Sea

  • Electric driving - Harley Davidson E

    Electric driving is not new

    Electric driving? That was almost the future a century ago. But then the combustion engines quickly improved, the starter motor was invented and gasoline was nice and cheap. After that the concept slowly disappeared. Steam propulsion has also once been a serious concept. Now the focus is once again on electric driving, with which our environmental problems are pleasantly shifted […] Sea

  • army motorcycles
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    Army motorcycles. 75 years after WWII

    The Second World War is over 75 years. But is still 'alive'. Never before has so much been done on re-enactment as now. And whether that is a tribute or just playing a soldier? Pretending is taken quite a bit. Because a lot of army motorcycles that have to pass for German sidecar combinations? Those are just pimped […] Sea

  • Harley Davidson boat tail side

    Harley-Davidson boat tail. A bridge too far

    The Harley-Davidson boat tail design appeared as an option on 1970 and 1971 Harley-Davidson XLCH and XLH Sportsters. There was a need for excitement in Harley land. Because the Japanese had entered the market that year with the Honda CB 750 F. And that machine fitted very well with American thinking. The boat tails […] Sea

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    Classic station wagon gets the lead role at Bremen Classic Motor Show 2019

    For years, the station wagon or, combination wagon as you wish, was regarded as a functional workhorse. It was at most a practical variant within a model series, and in a few cases a nice addition to it. Now that the rarity of the classic station is becoming more and more an item, the appreciation and attention value increases. For the organization of […] Sea

  • Harley
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    Harley-Davidson: Made in India?

    Harley-Davidson: the survivors The history of Harley has a long line of hairy moments. But the Americans always managed to turn the tide. This was also the case after the Second World War. Everyone wanted a car. And the people who didn't want a car wanted such a much better performing and handling British motorcycle. Harley resisted […] Sea

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    Harley-Davidson: the survivors

    Harley-Davidson: the survivors The history of Harley also has a few hairy moments. But the Americans always managed to turn the tide. That they did this in a street fighter way rather than as gentlemen? Well: it is the result that counts. This was also the case after the Second World War. Everyone wanted a car. And the people […] Sea

  • Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA

    Verkeerd afgelopen: A Harley WLA in a state that would make even the greatest optimist sad. Quite a few vehicles ended up under water or in the ground between 1940-1945. In the Russian plains between Berlin and Stalingrad tanks and other weapons of war are still regularly removed from the ground or just back somewhere […] Sea

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    Harley-Davidson Topper 

    Harley-Davidson is directly associated by many with the army-green Liberator with which the Americans liberated our country in 1944, the black and white machines where the American police let themselves be driven, the heavily modified 'bicycles' from the successful movie 'Easy Rider', the toys of the Hell's Angels, the beautiful chrome-plated monsters that you occasionally […] Sea

  • Captain America

    Who has the real one?

    Who has the real one? Peter Fonda's Harley from Easy Rider. Real or fake? Captain America was sold by Profiles in History auctioneers this fall for $ 1,35 million. And "Captain America" ​​is the Harley chopper that Peter Fonda rode in Easy Rider. Sea

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