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  • Tesla

    A Tesla and a Duck

    At the gas station I was standing next to… a Tesla. The man who walked up from the fuel shop looked at the pull duck in front of the trailer with an equally restful two-wheeled classic on it. He said, “I also ride a motorcycle. An electric motorcycle. An Energica Eva. From 2018. But this is an oldie, isn't it? 50+ seems to me […] More

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    Citroën launches virtual car museum: Citroën Origins

    Since a few days Citroën a new car museum that can be visited by anyone in the world in no time. 24 hours a day, that unique atmosphere around the French brand is available. Because the French manufacturer has housed its rich history within a virtual museum. Citroën Origins completely immerses the visitor […] More

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    Ottomobile launches beautiful scale model of Citroën GS X2

    They are becoming increasingly popular among collectors. Ottomobile - a French miniature builder - has an increasing reputation to uphold. The modellers have been spoiling the collectors for some time with a rich selection of beautifully detailed models. Especially in the scale 1 to 18, Ottomobile builds beautiful miniatures, such as those described in this article Citroën GS X2. […] More

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    The story behind the double chevron, the logo of Citroën

    In the fresh Auto Motor Klassiek edition 6-2016 contains an interesting story with interesting facts about logos of car manufacturers. Also the legendary double chevron from Citroën is briefly described. In this article you can read more about the history and development of it. The idea originated then founder André Citroën was inspired in a special way […] More

  • Zundapp 1755 GS

    Certainly not brand blind

    People with a preference for BMW two-valve boxers are often rather tight-lipped. Theo Terwel is a boxer enthusiast with a large frame of mind. There are more brands he can appreciate. Basically any brand, as long as the owner is happy with it. So it was not entirely unexpected that Theo's heart melted when he […] More

  • Zuendapp gs restoration

    Large GSs, small GSs ...

    Theo Terwel from Vorden has already restored quite a few BMW 2 valve GSs to 100% authentic factory new condition. He did this because he is a perfectionist and because the fanatical lovers of the blue and white brand simply see factory originality as the highest good. But he doesn't feel too big […] More