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  • Sexy leaflets

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated

    Jawa advertising: From innocent to sophisticated. Behind the Iron Curtain they also figured it out: “Sex Sells”. Well, in the net then. The approach behind that approach must have been global: The dork thinks he will get the girl when he buys the car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment. Whether marketers have ever calculated how much more car / motorcycle / tool kit / fishing equipment there are […] Sea

  • men, motorbikes and (what) girls

    Men, motorbikes and (what) girls

    If your partner reads this book, you can forget about motorcycling. Because as motorcyclist 1.0, Dolf Peeters' motorcycle life is far from being politically correct. Motorcyclists are eccentric, safety is not being taken very seriously. There are accidents, confrontations, women, alcohol and there is smoking. But his bizarre world is always good for a big smile. And for the intention to get on the bike and see what happens. Want to plan? You do that afterwards! Sea