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    Hannu Mikkola. Posthumous tribute to a great rally driver

    Finnish rally legend Hannu Mikkola passed away on Friday February 26, 2021 at the age of 78. The 1983 world champion had been ill for some time and eventually lost his battle against cancer. The family has now received many statements of support from the rally world. We look back on the impressive career of the eternally calm and collected […] Sea

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    Ford Escort Mk 3. Momentary love, lasting sympathy

    In 1980 Ford presented the third generation of the hit Escort. In essence, the new Escort was a completely differently constructed car from its first and second generation predecessors. For its time it was also a fashionably designed model. In the spirit of the times it took on hatchback shape, fairly sharp lines and […] Sea

  • Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo

    Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (1985). Jakob Hazenberg's taste maker 

    When we start talking about the spoon, you will understand that the strong memories of Jacob go back to his father. Then images emerge of the various Escorts that his father drove. And they still generate positive emotions. His dream was to one day own such a Ford, but of course in a fast version. That became reality in 2010 when he was able to buy this Ford Escort RS 1600 Turbo (the white tornado).  Sea

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    Ford Escort from parental litter

    Andreas van Zoelen cherishes Ford Escort from Ford Escort parental nest: Mattheus passion It will matter whether Andreas van Zoelen has spent more kilometers in the back seat or in the left front seat of his Ford Escort. The fact is that the good family car of yesteryear will never leave his side. He is carefully […] Sea

  • Ford Capri

    Ford Capri 2.8 Injection (1983)

    Father's resistance Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen Where have the times gone when, as a master of the house, you could make a statement in the street? As long as you didn't put too much of a burden on your shared wallet and guaranteed your offspring a decent backseat, you had the blessing of mother-the-wife. Nearly 1,9 million […] Sea

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    The Ford Escort 'dog bones'

    The Ford Escort 'dog bones'. That was the first Ford Escort. The designers did not speak of 'dog bones', but of the coco bottle line. Also beautiful. These meanwhile highly dated middle class cars were sold en masse. The third, fourth and fifth owners were actually already the carriers of the box. Because these kinds of cars were not made for eternity, as a third-hand vehicle […] Sea

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    International Oldtimer Fair Eelde. Old-fashioned cosiness.

    Last weekend, the Flowerdome in Eelde was dominated by the International Oldtimer Fair. The fact that the event is still popular was shown by the fact that many visitors found their way to the halls on the Lagroweg. Expectations were high in advance, as witnessed by the long queue of people waiting in the […] Sea